League of Legends: Wild Rift Newbie Tips

There are many differences from the PC side in the League of Legends mobile game, so what should mobile game players pay attention to on the battlefield? Let’s take a look at novices’ practical skills.

Understanding the game Heros
The League of Legends mobile game is a 5v5 confrontation game. Therefore, the designer brings five ​​positions, the great dragon line, the middle road, the small dragon line, auxiliary, and roaming. At the beginning of the game, players can see the hint of Solo or Duo in the base. This design is designed to offset the mirror flip of the mobile game MOBA map. The map of the League of Legends mobile game is divided into three lines, the excellent dragon line close to the giant dragon, the small dragon line close to the little dragon, and the middle line. The great dragon line and the central line are generally one hero. The short dragon line is two wild areas, and the jungle is responsible for the real wild Area.

In terms of hero selection of the Dragon Line
Players generally choose some characters with high blood volume, strong fighting ability, and defensive outfits. These characters are usually warriors or tanks. Dalonglu is the orphan road of the League of Legends mobile game. It will not be the main battlefield for the team to fight. Dalonglu heroes stay online in most cases in the game. Separate pushes to establish advantages to ensure that the team can control the map resources.

In terms of hero selection in the middle
There is more diversity. There are choices for mages, assassins, and even warriors. Generally speaking, the middle lane is a role that focuses on output, and you need to choose a suitable match according to the attributes of the Ueno hero. For example, the team chose Gulags. Then you can consider adding Yasuo in the middle. The middle position needs to actively look for opportunities to roam, help teammates get kills, and have the chance to push towers and control the dragon.

The hero of the Small dragon line
It is generally composed of shooters with long-range output capabilities and roles in auxiliary positions. For example, Wayne is a reaping hero who maximizes damage output, while support protects teammates and provides vision, such as Bron. If your shooter hero needs to develop for some time, the auxiliary hero can try to wander to other ways to find a chance to kill.

Jungle hero
There are two essential responsibilities. The first is to help your online teammates gain an advantage. It would help if you initiated a Gank to get a kill or push your opponent back home. Second, make sure that the team controls various map resources. After all, the League of Legends mobile game is also a snowball game. The jungle position’s money and experience mainly come from killing monsters, and it is often necessary to bring punishment skills to speed up the clearing speed.
Although any hero can play any position, when the hero is designed, the designer has pre-designed the place for most heroes and determines that some heroes will be more powerful in a specific situation. Therefore, if you are a novice player, it is still recommended to choose the right hero according to the system’s recommended part.

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