How to Start League of Legends Mobile Ranking

The ranking system in League of Legends: Wild Rift can be turned on. There are exclusive rankings and 1v1 mode. Ranked can be turned on here. Players without positioning can not be double-ranked with silver users. There is no positioning. Players can play double-row with bronze and black iron users. There are restrictions on ranking here. Players must upgrade to level 10, and then there will be system instructions. All subsequent matches will be ranked.

Conditions for participating in the ranking
The number of positioning matches: 10 times.
Pre-qualified level: 10.

Qualifying matches can be positioned, and double and five rows can also be played. Qualifying can be unlocked here. Players go to level 10 first and then click according to the specified process to click into the ranking.

Click “PLAY” on the right side of the interface, click to enter, and you will see a “RANKED” this is the ranked match, which is the first one in the first column. It can be played after it is turned on. Players can click on this rank to qualify. Players who play mobile games know that this rank is ranked, so click here to start the qualifying match directly.

The positioning of qualifying here is relatively low. Everyone’s starting point is relatively low. Even the expert players are only in the low ranks, and the ranks are somewhat challenging to advance. The ranks of all players are very low.

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