How to League of Legends Mobile Solo 1V1 and Surrender

Everyone knows that the League of Legends: Wild Rift is a 5V5 MOBA game, but what if some players want to single out 1V1? In the end game of “League of Legends,” it is possible to open a custom 1V1, so is it possible in the mobile game? Where is the surrender? Let me introduce it to you.

lol mobile how to solo

First, click on the PLAY button in the lower right corner of the main interface.
Then select the fourth [CUSTOM] custom mode in the bottom column.
The one on the left of the custom mode is [Optional Mode PK], and the one on the right is [Disabled Mode PK], both of which can realize the function of PK.
In this mode, in addition to 1V1solo, it can support up to 10V10 PK. If there are not enough people, you can use computer AI to fill it. Usually, 1V1 is to pull a friend in, let him be on the other side, click [START MATCH] to start the game.
The heads-up mode can be played in the custom place. At least there must be a friend. Otherwise, it is equivalent to a human-machine.

Where is the surrender of the League of Legends mobile game?

Surrendering in mobile games is an essential game feature. Teammates who encounter very pitfalls surrender early to avoid wasted time later.
Step 1: In the game interface, click the [gear icon] in the upper left corner. The specific location is shown in the figure below.
Step 2: After coming to the setting interface [SURRENDER].
Step 3: Then, a prompt window will pop up. Click [OK] to confirm. If it is 1V1, it will surrender directly. If it is 5V5, as long as four players demonstrate the surrender, the game will end. If less than four players confirm, they will fail to surrender.

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