League of Legends: Wild Rift Practical Tips

Everyone, unconsciously, the League of Legends mobile game has been in beta for almost a month. In this short month, League of Legends mobile games’ popularity can be said to have skyrocketed. Not only have the anchor areas of various platforms hit the RANK list but also many professional players and professional teams have chosen to join League of Legends: Wild Rift. As many players flood into the League of Legends mobile game, many tricks in the game have been developed.

The first little trick is the prince’s seamless double E, which can also be called the rapid EQ second company. Because in the League of Legends mobile game, skills need to be accurately positioned by themselves through the skill roulette, and heroes like the prince who need to use combos to play control effects and displacement are more difficult to operate than terminal games. It’s like you use the blind R skill to kick people away and then pick up Q. It’s easy to get Q crooked. In the LOL mobile game, the prince’s EQ combo is difficult to use accurately and quickly, and the white rabbit tells everyone a little trick, that is to press the E skill twice in a row, you can directly play the EQ combo to pick the enemy. Fly. If there is no report from the LOLTANK, I might find it after a long time.

The second tip is to allow players to relive the League of Legends box’s infinite visual range in the LOL mobile game. You should know who the brothers who played LOL back then did not have a LOL box, free skins, and unlimited viewing distance. The LOL mobile game LOLTANK said that as long as everyone releases the redemption piece of equipment and instantly presses down on other skills when releasing the redemption, an effect similar to an infinite visual range can be achieved. Of course, suppose you are killed after activating endless visual content. In that case, this effect will still not disappear unless you use skills or items that can adjust visible content again (redemption, Jhin’s ultimate, etc.). Ever since I learned this trick, I have never been afraid of the opposite jungle to catch.

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