Master these five League of Legends: Wild Rift tips and instantly transform you from a novice to a master

At present, LOL Mobile has been online for more than half a month, and its game popularity has surpassed the MOBA mobile game LOL, becoming the well-deserved first place among MOBA games. But with the increasing number of LOL Mobile players, many players have also asked if any quick settings can make them from a novice to a master instantly! LOLTANK brings players five tips that high-end players often use!

Automatic pathfinding
Many players reacted that they could not find their way automatically in LOL Mobile. They could only move by sliding the buttons on the screen. If they were not paying attention, they might rush under the enemy tower and give the opposite hero a surprise. Faced with this situation, players can turn on the automatic pathfinding function in the game. After that, click on the small map on the screen’s left side to find the way automatically. Mom no longer has to worry about my brainless rush to the enemy camp.

Screen vibration
It is understood that although the screen vibration function is only applicable to some hero skills, turning it on will give you a vibration effect when the skill damages you or when you use the skill against the enemy so that you can recover the first time and know that you are in a battle Instead of serving as a melon-eater. Besides, turning on the screen vibration function can also make your Yasuo cooler when using E skills. With a sense of BGM, a wave of five kills is not brutal!

Automatic enemy search
The automatic enemy finding function can be one of the tasks that many MOBA-type mobile games have. This function is intended to allow players to quickly select the enemy to attack and avoid basic attacks or skills that cannot lock the enemy. However, in the experience, automatic enemy finding also makes it difficult for many players to latch onto the target they want to attack, thus wasting the opportunity to make up the knife and give the enemy hero a fatal blow. In LOL Mobile, the automatic enemy finding function can be turned off, allowing players to freely choose enemies so as not to miss every once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Picture in Picture
Picture-in-picture books are a way of video presentation and are widely used in the video. However, in LOL Mobile, Fist has specially added this function to help players see the path of releasing the skill when releasing the long travel skill. When players release remote skills, they can see their position or skill release direction through picture-in-picture and understand the road’s enemies and the situation in advance.

Perspective lock
The viewing angle lock function can help players to change the limitation of the field of vision, avoiding that players can only see the grass and one tree near themselves, so they don’t know that Xin Zhao, the blind monk squatting in the grass, or that EZ and Yasuo are already nearby. The trouble of waiting for a long time. Moreover, the viewing angle lock also facilitates the player’s pre-judgment without locking skills so that the move can hit the enemy without giving the enemy a chance to train.

The above five tips are the signs of changing from a novice player to a high-end player. You can unlock these functions in advance to improve your efficiency in qualifying.

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