How to Rank in the League of Legends: Wild Rift

At present, in the LOL mobile game, you need to reach level 10 before you can unlock the qualifying mode. After opening, players need to meet 20 or more Champions to qualify.

How to rank in the League of Legends Mobile

  1. Qualifying start conditions: Player level is ten or above;
  2. First, we need to enter the main interface of the game, and then click the start game entry button in the lower right corner;
  3. Enter the mode selection section, and then select the first “RANKED” mode for ranking matching;
  4. If the player’s level has not reached level 10, this button is gray.

After the player meets the above conditions, the ranking mechanism is similar to that of the end game, but there will be a different jade segment between platinum and diamond. Currently, in the black iron to jade segment, each round is won. You can get a diamond (a promotion game is required for the promotion), and the diamond and above will start the winning point system. The promotion/deduction of winning points in a single game will be determined according to the player authority’s performance. These mechanisms can better stratify players according to their strengths and avoid excessive disparity in the power of players of the same rank.

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