League of Legends: Wild Rift Vision Field Tips

Hello everyone, everyone, I am thrilled to meet you again on a new day. Today, the editor brings you the practical tips in the LOL mobile game-Vision.

First of all, friends should know the importance of Vision control in the LOL mobile game. A good vision is also a way for you to win the game successfully. You have the right to control the vision in the canyon map. In addition to the advantages of sneak attacks and team battles, if you are a newcomer Xiaobai who has never been in contact with LOL or wants to interact with objects or friends through this League of Legends: Wild Rift, you want to play in the game Better performance. You must not miss this article today. Hurry up and learn with the editor. I believe you can have a new understanding of the game through the editor’s sharing.

1. In the game, if we stand in the grass, the opponent cannot see you, but if you attack in the grass, it will expose your position vision to the enemy, and this will also cause The hatred of the creeps, this result is very unfavorable for the lane, but you can attack the enemy outside the grass, and then hide in the grass, so that the creeps will not attack you, and the enemy player will lose Your vision can’t attack you, this is very suitable for line consumption.

2. If you like to play jungle, you must know this, that is, when we take the red and blue, we must seduce the wild monsters into the grass to fight, to effectively prevent the enemy players from turning into the wild. If you think it is more troublesome to lead the monster, you can put an eye in the grass next to the monster to prevent you from jumping out of the grass with a big man and a punishment for you to snatch the wild monster.

3. The grass is also counted as an obstacle, which means that there is no vision when you stand outside the grass and look at the grass’s opposite side. Maybe at this time, you think there is no one on the opposite side of the grass, and you just walked over and bumped into it.

4. When there are obstacles between the enemy and us, we can’t see the vision. Maybe we will encounter the enemy player as soon as we walk over on the other side of the wall, so we must move the position. Pay attention to the other side of the wall.

5. After knowing the above knowledge points, you have to think about where on the map it is easy for people to Tibetans or often go to this place with blind spots of vision, so you have to put your eyes in these places.

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