League of Legends Wild Rift Evelynn Gameplay Analysis

How to play LOL Mobile Evelynn? Evelynn has been enhanced in the LOL Mobile1.1 version. The friends who like to play assassins must be ecstatic, so how to play Evelynn, OK? Now let the editor introduce to everyone Evelynn’s play style.

How to play LOL Mobile EvelynnAdvantages:


  1. Q skill has a long-range
  2. Fast line clearance
  3. High burst damage
  4. Strong arrest


  1. Assassin, very crisp!
  2. The early CD master
  3. The control is not stable enough
  4. Equipment recommendation

The standard build of the law thorn.

Under normal circumstances, the first piece I will produce orbs, which have life, dharmas, and significantly extended attributes. The most important thing is the movement speed and special effects provided. Skills and enhanced basic attacks cause an additional 20% damage to enemies under 35% of the bloodline.
The second hat increases the damage. The third thing depends on the situation. If the wind is good, I will make a lich. If the wind is upwind, I will do the golden body first. If the ghost book is the case, it depends on the situation. If the pressure is high, I will switch to the resurrection armor.
The outfits are not fixed, such as Robbery and Yasuo. I will make the armor shoes first after the small pieces of the orb. Especially for the line robbery, I will give priority to the golden body. The core orb, hat, piercing stick, and others can be changed according to the situation.

Summoner skills
Summoner skills are given priority to ignite + flash as standard. Yasuo and Jie are not particularly good rounds. They can be replaced with weaknesses or barriers. They have miraculous effects at critical moments!

Four, rune selection
Titan Hunters increase their stature in terms of runes, and Pathfinders increase their movement speed (very important), which significantly increases catching people’s efficiency.
Giant runes can be considered electrocution or conqueror, electrocution breaks out, and conquerors’ team battles are more prevalent in the later stages.

Five, game introduction
The core idea of ​​mid-laner Evelynn is to push the line and go!
Help other roads establish advantages while improving their benefits by breaking the opposite mentality! You must know that everyone’s psyche in the current mobile game is still relatively reckless, and the early headwind or disadvantage will be directly invested. The mid-laner Evelynn is like this, while disgustingly opposite the mid lane, he caught other roads.

  1. Alignment period
    There is nothing to say during the landing phase, that is, the brainless QQQ. When the pawn line comes over, push it, push it under the opponent’s tower and start to walk directly. Sometimes you will find that q is moving down the opposite bloodline, sometimes by Q, I will come over to fight you brainlessly. At this time, look at the right time if you can be charmed enough to ignite and kill!
  2. Catch people
    It is not that you have to be invisible after level 5 and keep your eyes open. For example, when the jungle meets in the wilderness, you can actively support yourself depending on the situation. If you don’t have a chance, you will invade the opposite jungle.
    Especially after level 5, in the version without real eyes, such as walking in the garden, encountering the opponent’s lousy jungle state, starting with two skills (very far away), the charm is infinite q ignite + ultimate seckill. It can slow down and increase damage without being charmed.
    Of course, you must always pay attention to the line when you invade the wild area, and if the situation is not right, go immediately. Rune belt pathfinder, the movement speed has a bonus, it is walking, wherever we fight, we are there, our slogan is “not fighting, or looking for a fight!” There is no real eye in the current mobile game, so level five Later, Evelynn’s walk will take it to the next level.
  3. Team fight
    In terms of team battles, you will never be the first person to enter the battlefield (according to the situation) because your body is too fragile. You are gone after being charged, so you can hide the strategic OB on edge before starting the team. After the primary control skills are played, you can enter the field. Mark the C position for the two skills and go directly to QQQ. After the kill line, and R will exit the battlefield correctly (not necessarily the larger the kill line, if the situation is not right, you have to hang up, immediately R come out, look for another opportunity
    Evelynn’s passiveness can regain blood, so make reasonable use of this point. You can fight a drag battle. You will often find that after a set of fights and leave the battlefield, and your bloodline is restored, then you can enter the battlefield again to harvest.

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