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LOL Mobile JARVAN IV returns to the era of crit and armor penetration

The League of Legends mobile game has always claimed that it is a perfect restoration of the terminal game. There is no doubt that the skills and attack methods are the same, and the production methods are similar. Even some of the complex operations in the LOL Mobile game can also be used and realized in mobile games. However, the health, armor, and skill cooling in the mobile game are somewhat weakened compared to the end game. It always feels that the seemingly fleshy heroes are not attacked. On this basis, some heroes have come out. There are many options for outfits. For example, the AP Stoneman can always dominate the situation. For example, the armor-piercing crit can kill the JARVAN IV.

The JARVAN IV is an old hero in the Summoner's Canyon. He was once widespread on the upper unit and later experienced various hero adjustments and version changes. As a result, the JARVAN IV is now only suitable for the jungle position. Besides, the JARVAN IV has also been popular for pure output gameplay, but that kind of gameplay is too risky. Everyone thinks that it is better to use the half Tank JARVAN IV, with black cutting, blood hand, spring brother, blue shield, and other equipment. After all, this is fault-tolerant. High rate, able to open a group, resist and fight.

The things in the LOL terminal game apply to the LOL mobile game, but as mentioned above, the mobile game still reduces some of the settings. Therefore, in this case, the JARVAN IV has a lot of choices in appearance, and I believe it is the armor-piercing crit stream.

The equipment system in the LOL mobile game is the older one, and the types of equipment are not exceptionally complete. There are four armor-piercing suits on the JARVAN IV, namely, Young, Curtain Blade, Armor Piercing Bow, and Broadsword. If you want to play the pure armor-piercing JARVAN IV, you only need to make a black cut based on these four pieces.

Four armor-piercing suits and a black cut are an option, but I feel that three armor-piercing suits and two crit suits can maximize the JARVAN IV’s damage.

A set of pure output JARVAN IV and crispy skin is relatively easy. When shooting a female gun, a big move will kill half of the blood, and then a flat A will directly take it away. This flat A's damage structure There are endless blast damage bonuses, electric knife damage, and passive effects.

As mentioned above, the high-damage JARVAN IV needs to bear high risks, so the premise of the explosive equipment is that the JARVAN IV himself has a particular advantage or succeeded in the opponent's monsters or helped his teammates get heads or assists. It is only suitable to play armor-piercing crit flow under the premise of its advantages. You can try this outfit in the lol mobile game, and it's a good choice.

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