Is the Lost Ark an open world? Replied

The last game of Smilegate has proven to be a success of both critics and between players (read the Smilegate review), largely as a result of its deep role play mechanics that offers a large amount of personalization and rejugability. But with respect to how big it is because of the size of the map, many wonder if Lost Ark is an open world. This is what you need to know about your level design.

Is the Lost Ark an open world? Replied

No, Lost Ark is not an open world game in the same way that, for example, Elden Ring or Horizon Forbidden West. Played from an isometric perspective, it is a 2.5D ARPG that is segmented at different levels and actually has a fairly linear design. Even compared to other games that use a similar perspective, such as Diablo III, the levels of Lost Ark are much smaller and more “on rails”.

Each area is more or less a track that you continue, exploring small areas on each side while struggling against enemies, loot and interact with NPC to progress in history. There is not much in the way of recoil, let alone cross a unique giant area; Certainly it is not what you would call a sandbox.

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Still, not having an open world does not mean anything bad, and the linearity of the game instead puts the focus firmly in the exciting combat and the mechanics of the role games. Many of the levels of Lost Ark are well designed, have a varied appearance and, sometimes, they present verticality and other tricks that help give the adventure a sense of scale that may be lacking in a natural size.

That should give you everything you need to know about if the ark lost is open world. To get more tips, tricks and guides, look for Smilegate or see more of our coverage on the game below.

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