Lost Ark: How the PowerPass works

You may have already seen it in your character selection at Lost Ark: You can choose the PowerPass **. You have no idea what that is? Then you are like us at the beginning of the game. You will learn in this guide:

  • What it has with the PowerPass
  • How to unlock him in Lost Ark

You want to try the MMORPG, but does not know yet with which class your start to start? Then look at our overview with all classes and looks, which best suits you.

What is the PowerPass?

The PowerPass initially does not bring your Main Char, but up to two other characters , which will still create her in Lost Ark. With the PowerPass, your twinks receive a boost, which will come directly to Level 50 – including matching armor and progress of the main quest.

The best thing about PowerPass: You will receive him in mmorpg free .

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Lost Ark | How to Get the MOST Out of Your POWER PASS! (How-to and Secret Goodies!)

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That’s how you get the PowerPass

As soon as your LOST ARK starts and lands in the character selection, you will be displayed directly under your Main Char that the “PowerPass is available”. In addition to the “Start” button, there is also the “PowerPass” button. If you click on it, happens… Nothing. In the next screen, the game tells you: “You have no pass and therefore can not use a pass”. Confusing, right?

The first information with “PowerPass available” tells you that you have not yet redeemed or activated him with the main character. So that you can use the PowerPass for your twinks, you must first play a good deal with your Main character. Only when you have the quest “Ealyns gift” and thus the main story has completed , you can use the PowerPass.

Is your main character now owned by the PowerPass, you can create a new character and assign it the PowerPass . Or you choose an already existing character. Said character receives a boost and is directly at maximum level 50.

The second free Powerpass , which you can get in Lost Ark, you get as soon as you have redeemed the first. Then it is possible for you to bring a second twink directly to Level 50.

Does the PowerPass draw disadvantages?

Basically, there are no disadvantages when applying the POWERPASS to a twink. At least none who are crucial for the gameplay. However, this character does not receive the rewards, which exists for example in the course of the main story.

Good to know!

Of course you can also use the PowerPass for more than two twinks. However, you only get the first two in the game for free. If you want to push more characters on level 50, you have to buy the PowerPass in the Ingame Shop against real money .

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