Tracks that need to know in League of Legends Wild Rift

In League of Legends Wild Rift there are three tracks. , All of which are connected to two Nexus databases on both sides of the card. Learning how to master each individual track, Using the relevant champion may become the key to the fracture situation and victory in the match.

The choice of the correct champion for the correct line is crucial. One incorrect decision may, although not always, lead to significant consequences. Understanding the three bands that use Wild Rift, the preparation time can be reduced and used more efficiently.


  • Baron Lane

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Baron’s alley passes through the right side of the card. Being 1 on 1 alley , the best champions for use are fighters, assassins and tanks. Any champion pursuing a baron line must take into account that battles are conducted without any additional support. Therefore, sending champions that can cause sufficient damage is key.

  • MID Lane

MID-Lane passes through the center of the map. Again, being 1 on 1 alley , the best champions for nomination are tanks, assassins and magicians. Medium band control should be considered the main goal of any game, since it may change the balance to one of two ways.

  • Dragonia Lane

Dragon Alley passes through the left side of the map. As strip 2 by 2 , the best champions for sending are arrows, magicians and support. Although the dragon line is not as important as the Foreign Ministry, it still plays an important role in any game, and it is impossible to treat it frivolously.

You can find more news and manuals on League of Legends Wild Rift right here or in the game manuals for professionals. For example – how to increase damage from the attack in League of Legends Wild Rift. .

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