Wild Rift – Patch 3.2: Riot wants dragons to be the main target of these changes

The Riot Games development team just showed off League of Legends: Wild Rift Update 2.3 with an exciting and informative video, in which we saw many new features such as the arrival of Pike, Ekko, and Nautilus or the addition of runes in Never seen in original PC games, such as Kraken’s Executioner. But this time, it’s time to talk about the changes brought about by elemental dragons directly in Summoner’s Rift.

Starting with Riot Games, they had a long and complex discussion about this part because it didn’t get much attention, and many of the games we’ve seen in the game barely change the rift because they go straight to the point before the player completes the objective ended. That’s why they modified this vital feature in the original game and made different decisions that would be directly related to what people wanted in each match.

Rift Elemental Changes
One of the significant issues they saw in the last patch was the unbalanced coordination between the team and us because, with our skills, we could destroy most of the game. This has been improved with various changes from previous patches, and elemental rifts are more common: up to 85% of games have these rifts, but the Wild Rift development team aims to increase this trend.

For this, a significant change will be that the ancient dragons appear more frequently than they are now. Also, they would like to add that in this patch, they will be testing two dragon-related versions:

On the one hand, we have a system that sees multiple elemental dragons, so these objectives have more weight and importance later in the game.
On the other hand, we’ll have a system where one elemental dragon can be used, but it builds up a lot of power as we kill them throughout the game.

A significant change to the PC game is the addition of the Kraken Executioner, which will come in the form of a rune capable of stopping the heaviest tank in the entire game. At the same time, we also see frequent runes on many heroes, such as the deadly compass, or some elemental runes for tanks or warriors, such as the second branch of demolition.
Kraken Executioner
An item that transforms into a rune that deals actual damage every third attack against an enemy, perfect for tank heroes.

Deadly Compass
You will temporarily increase your attack speed when entering combat, and after a few attacks or skills, you will deal more damage.

Giant’s Executioner
It is significant for dealing with high health enemies, and it deals more damage to all heroes with higher max health than you.

Thermal laser
It will help you burn enemies early in the game as you deal extra magic damage after using skills.

Nullification Orb
If you take damage from an enemy hero, you’ll gain a mini-shield that strengthens your attacks and dashes against your opponent.

Ultimate Shield
After casting your ultimate, you’ll gain a shield for a short time, the perfect rune for long battles.

Nimbus Cloak
After casting a summoner spell, your movement speed is multiplied.

If you are within range of the tower, your next attack will deal additional damage after a few seconds.

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