How to change the server in Lol Wild Rift

Wild Rift transfers League of Legends to mobile devices, without losing the pleasure that made the version for PC so popular. Characters such as Wai, Jinx and ECKO, compete for dominance in one of the most popular mobile games in the Moba genre. This leads to the fact that some people who, for obvious reasons are on the way, are wondering how to change their server or region in the game.

Unfortunately, in Wild Rift there is no way to directly change the server. They are limited by the region in which the player is located. However, there are several ways to get around it. The first is to use vpn to change your location. The second is to put in support ticket to change the region.

Using any quantity of VPN providers, players can choose a region to which they want to connect, and then create a new account. When creating a new account, the region will be automatically appointed depending on the location of the player. This is where the VPN enters the game. VPN will allow the player to actually “fake” his location, redirecting his Internet traffic to the server of his choice. A real disadvantage of this method is the loss of everything on your main account and the need to start all over again.

League of legends wild rift how to change server
The second method is to create a support ticket through the Riot Games website. Players can contact the support service with a request to change their region, but there should be good reasons for this. This is usually due to moving to the specified region. Working with the support service, the players have much more chances to change their region, without losing all the hard work that they invested in the account.

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