League of Legends Wild Rift – Champions skill, explanation

In Wild Rift, most players may need numerous matches and hours of selflessness to completely master any champion. While some champions have a condescending curve of skills, many others have much cooler. Thus, it is quite natural to want to boast of your rights, playing for the champion on which you spent hours of playing time.

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This is where the Champions skill system appears. In Wild Rift, you earn skill points for individual champions every time you play for them. An outstanding performance will bring more skills, and poor performance or defeat is a small number. Having reached a certain level of skill, you will receive an emotion of skill indicating your level of skill with the champion.

How to get skill points in Lol Wild Rift

You will always receive skill points every time you play for the champion. The number of skill points that you earn in the match will be displayed at the bottom of the “Victory/Development” screen and depends on factors such as the game mode, the duration of the match and individual performance. Speaking better than other players in the match and earning a , with or with+ rating will give more skills than a simple defeat or victory. After reaching the level of 5 points for a simple participation in matches, they decrease, but glasses for a good game remain the same.

Mastery levels in Lol Wild Rift

The highest level of skill available to each of the champions is the level 7. Your level of skill for the champions will be indicated by the skill of skill in the champions gallery, player profiles and during the selection of players. However, to achieve level 7 is a difficult task. The required number of skill glasses almost doubles at each level. 2500 Points required for level 5, 5500 Points for level 6 and 10000 Points for level 7. Thus, if the player is in your The team has a skill level of 6 or higher for a certain champion, you can be sure that he spent quite a lot of hours on the game of this champion.

How to get an emotion of skill in Lol Wild Rift

As soon as you reach level 5, you can use the skill icon as an emotion in matches. The design of the emotions of skill changes after the 5th level, and then again at the 6th and 7th levels, respectively. It is also worth noting that you can equip the “skill” emotion at any time, but you will not be able to use it until the 5th level is reached.

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