Event Lol Wild Rift High Noon 2022: Missions and Awards

MSI high noon event guide
Riot Games launched another event in League of Legends: Wild Rift to note the release of skins “exactly noon” for Ilerelia, Trees and Ash. The event “Exactly at noon 2022” will be held from May 19 to 29, and among other exclusive awards, players will have the opportunity to get a free pose for the image of “Exactly noon”.

To get these awards, players need to carry out intra -game tasks in order to earn XP. The more experience you can collect, the better the awards will be. These missions will be updated daily while the event lasts.

Event Wild Rift High Noon 2022: Mission

As mentioned earlier, players will have to perform daily missions to earn XP and receive such awards as Avatar icons , Emotions , Coins and free chest with the choice of pose “Exactly at noon “. Mission will be dropped daily until the end of the event, so the players will have enough time to fulfill quests and collect all awards.

Awards of the Wild Rift event “Exactly at noon 2022”: how to get a free pose “Exactly at noon”

Having earned the required amount of XP, players will be able to get awards on the event page in the game. Be sure to pick up the awards before the end of the event, since all unclaimed awards will be lost forever. As soon as you earned 20 experience you will receive chest with the choice of posture at noon , which includes the poses of the skins “exactly noon” for Ilerelia, Trees and Ash, as well as the poses for their corresponding original skins. You can choose only one pose to declare it with your own.

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