Tips and tips for Lol Wild Rift – Guide for Beginners

In League of Legends: Wild Rift, the command power is equal to its weak link. The efforts and coordination of each teammate are the key to victory in matches, and it is necessary to take into account many different factors, such as assembling objects, goals, promotion along the line, command battles, farm and much more.

Thus, concentration of attention on everything can immediately be a difficult task for someone who is just starting to get acquainted with the fault. Although the best way to learn is to just play more games, the process can be significantly accelerated if you approach it correctly. Here are a few basic tips and techniques that every beginner must understand in order to begin to dominate matches.

Learn the card

Wild Rift consists of three paths and jungle. The study of how each of these areas of the map functions and where it is at any moment in time is of paramount importance. Although the paths are quite simple, it is much more difficult to navigate in the jungle. However, if you want to quickly rebuild, the jungle is your fastest route. Therefore, we recommend that we study the map and all its paths as quickly as possible.

Ward map

The amulets are objects that you place in different areas of the map to see your opponents or goals, such as the Bulletin of the fault, the baron and the elemental dragons. The non -use of warts is one of the most common mistakes among new players. Proper protection can potentially change the course of the game, because it allows us to see where enemies can be, and take appropriate measures. Be sure to always place the warts in the bushes and goals and avoid getting in the map without a review, especially at the end of the game.

Pay attention to the command staff

The composition of the team is a key factor that determines how effective your team can absorb and distribute damage to Ganka. Each team needs a balance of strength, control of the crowd, damage and cleaning of the waves. You can not always expect that your team will be built around you, so always pay attention to what champions your teammates choose, and then choose a champion that can potentially complement them. For example, if your team has many champions causing damage, try choosing a healer or tank.

minions of the last blow

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This advice refers not only to Wild Rift, but to all the Moba games in general. The stripping of the enemy wave of minions and pushing turrets is not enough. The achievers of the minions bring you more gold and allow you to farm faster. The faster you farm, the faster you can create objects and the faster you become stronger than your opponents. You should not just spam with your abilities of the minions. Instead, let the waves of the Union Minions apply most of the damage and focus only on applying the last blow to the enemy minion. The same goes for turrets.

capture of goals

Wild Rift is not a game in which the number of murders determines the victory. The capture of such goals as the Bulletin of the Abyss, the Baron and the Elemental Dragons will give the whole team significant positive effects that can turn the situation in your favor. If you play for a forester, always quickly clean the forest and help your teammates to push the lines. This will allow you to capture goals while the enemy is busy protecting the turrets and stripping the waves of the minions. Do not forget to protect these goals so that you can see when the enemy is trying to play for them.

Play various champions

Practice leads to perfection: the more you play, the more you learn. At the beginning of the game at Wild Rift, play as many different champions as possible, as this will help you get to know them. Simple reading about champions abilities will not be so comprehensive as their personal use. Knowing how every champion acts will help you understand how to resist them in battle, and help you understand what role you are best approaching. Do not worry about the lists of levels and a meta – play for any champion, learn and have pleasure!

Do you want to know which champions to begin to make as a beginner? Find out which champions for beginners need to be unlock first in Lol Wild Rift, here in the game manuals for professionals.

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