LOL Wild Lift Who is the worlds strongest? Icons opening on June 14

[teams Moon Young-soo] The world’s strongest competition will be held in Singapore for four weeks from June 14 to July 9.

Riot Games is a global championship of the mobile game ‘League of Legends: Wild Lift’ using ‘League of Legends’ intellectual property (IP). It was announced on the 13th that it will be held for 4 weeks at the SUNTEC Convention and Exhibition Center.

Icons is a global championship that covers the world’s strongest wildlift. In 2021, the Wildlift World Competition was held under the name of the Horizon Cup, but it was changed to icons as the Wild Lift regional competition was organized in 2022. The number of participating teams has increased significantly and the prize money has increased, leading to a true world competition.

There are 24 teams participating in the icons. Representatives of the Chinese League WRL were featured in Fun Plus Phoenix, Jingdong Gaming, Nova E-Sports, and J Team, and Team Flash, Flash Wolves, RRQ, and Buriram United e-Sports were the representatives of the Southeast Asian and Oceania League.

Three teams including Omega e-Sports, Vivo Kid Stars, and Liberty were the Brazilian League CEO. Latin American League, WOL representative, participated in three teams including Leviathan, Fury’s Gaming, and STMN e-Sports, and Immortals and Sentinels were the representatives of the Japanese League WJC as Sengoku Gaming, Unsield Stuff Gaming, and North American League WNS.. Rollster Y, Guangdong Prix and T1 participated as Korean league representatives.

Rollster Y, who won the 2022 WCK Spring, won the Round of 16, and was deployed in Group D. Guangdong Prix and T1 participated in the play-in-stage. The two teams are trying to leave the country on Singapore, on-site adaptation and participation teams through Incheon International Airport on June 9, and Rollster Y, who participates from the group stage, will leave on the 14th.

Guangdong Prix and T1, which plays in the play-in-stage, were organized in Group D and Group C. The Guangdong Prix, which belongs to Group D, has made a group with Buriram United e-Sports, Liberty, and Sentinels, and T1, organized in Group C, competes with T-team, Vivo Kid Stars and Ricks.

Play-Instage is a double elimination. The team who won the first game confronted the winner and won the winner’s game. The team who lost in the winner confronted the loser winner in the final match, and the team that won the final match joins the group stage with second place.


The group stage, which runs from June 21 to 25, will be played in the same way as play-in-stage. Rollster Y, who went straight to the group stage, was organized in Group D and played the first match with the team that passed the play-in-stage. All matches of play-in-stage and group stages will be played in three games.

Eight teams, which ranked first and second in each group stage, will enter the greenout stage from July 1 and 2. The quarter-finals play two games a day, five games and three wins, and the winning team will play a match in the fourth round on the 5th and 6th. The long-awaited finals will be held on July 9th at 7 games.

The total prize money of Icons, the official wildlift world competition, was set at $ 2 million (about 2.5 billion won), and the winning team would be $ 1 million. In addition, the ‘immortal hero Morgana’ skin sales revenue will be equally distributed from the first to the 8th place.

The opening game, which starts with the play-in-stage, will be played as a confrontation between Jingdong Gaming, China (WRL), and Latin America (WOL) representative STMN e-sports on June 14 at 7 pm. At 10 pm on the 14th, the T1 confronts Ricks support, and Guangdong Prix will play the first match with Buriram United e-sports on the 15th at 7:00 pm.

The competitors of Korean teams who participated in the icons are expected to become China and Southeast Asia. Kim Hyo-jong, a commentator who is active as a wild lift commentator, said, China has a lot more than twice as much as Korea’s teams who participated in the Wild Lift regular league and have been in fierce competition. I have good skills to work in.

For Southeast Asian teams, Rather than keeping up with the trend of the Chinese league, the champions and strategies that match the team color come out, so the style is firm and the basics are solid, so the ranking of the Korean team and the quarter-finals and the quarterfinals are ranked. It will be decided.

The Korean relays are played by Kim Dong-joon, Park Jin-young, and Kim Hyo-jong, along with Seong Seung-heon and Kim Eui-jung. The competition can be watched live on African TV, Twitch, YouTube, and Naver.

Fans watching icons are provided with a variety of rewards. Fans who watch live through Twitch will receive special decorative content as a reward. It provides differentiated rewards for each stage for players who have linked the Riot Games account and Twitch account. Play-Instage presents limited icons, group stages, border decoration, rust-out stage expresses emotional expressions, and finals.

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