Wild Rift: A rioter explains the exclusivity of skins and the big difference between both games

Wild Rift has been Object of protests from the Deleague of Legends community since they began to emerge exclusive skins . The main reason is the fact that players believe that the mobile version of the game receives a certain favor from Riot Games and ask for a greater equality among the Moba. The reasons are diverse, one of them is that a part of the community believes that the aspects that reach the mobile version are prettier and better facts, and another is that there is the perception that the desires of fans are fulfilled easily while in the PC they are ignored

The discontent of the players intensified with the arrival of Star Guardians on July 14 with patch 12.13 , the community wonders if the event will be better in Wild Rift than in LOL of PC. The fact that Kassadin is not seen in the game with the re-elaborated Skin of him, unlike WR, is also a finger on the sore. Therefore, The developer was ready to answer Why the game receives exclusive skins, instead of simply bringing these aspects to the desktop version identically.

The community wonders why Wild Rift is not identical to Lol

Of course, the space where these complaints are found could not be elsewhere: Reddit is home to the discontent. The JD_Crinchton user was the one who initiated the question by stating that There is no logical reason for Wild Rift to receive exclusive skins_ .

In a literal translation, the player affirms that both games have the same illustrations and models in the game and concludes that much less work migrates the skins from Lol to Wild Rift than creating a from scratch. It would also be to avoid the complaints of the players of League of Legends. Shouldn’t WR and PC Lol at least have some parity? _.

Although thought makes some sense on the surface, it is far from being faithful to reality. This is how the Rioter Earthslug , leader of Wild Rift aspects, responded to the publication correcting the player.

Riot Games explains why they have exclusive masks on Wild Rift

First of all, it is necessary to understand that Wild Rift and League of Legends are not exactly the same games: in the same way that each one has a different gameplay, the contents also differ. The mobile version is not a simple copy and paste of the original Moba . Going beyond, different teams handle both games. This was the response of Rocky S. (Earthslug) in Reddit:


The explanation, which has already objectively refuted the fact that they simply do not reuse the contents of LOL ready to use, did not stop there. Riot Games employee turned to Twitter to explain the fact that Wild Rift wins skins that do not exist in League of Legends, and not only remakes existing ones: The main reason is that both LOL and WR teams evaluate the demands to create content thinking exclusively in each of these games . They try to understand what makes sense to the target audience of both titles individually and then compare ideas.

In turn, the Rioter used the Star Guardians event as an example: With shared universes (such as Star Guardian) in which both games have a great interest, It is increasingly important to provide the best to the players of those titles. Each team evaluates things like time from the last skin, total number of aspects, which champion makes sense to include in the subject and other details_.

Rioter highlighted the fact that there is no objective that all Lol Skins terror the other. They also like, maybe they arrive in the future. He added: However, I must be completely frank here: the skins and the lines will diverge over time, It is possible that some never reach the other game **. We really want to serve our audience in the best possible way, we take their Seriously comments and we hope to exceed expectations whenever possible_.

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