How to defeat O. Dio in the Wild West script in Live A Live mode

The culmination of the head of the Wild West in Live and Live comes in a fateful battle between Sandown Kid and O. Dio, the leader of the bandits pursuing the city. A frantic dog joins you in battle, and you have two successes to save success. Here’s how to defeat O. Dio in the script of the Wild West in Live A Live.


Live A Live-How to win O. Dio in the chapter Wild West

Your strategy for victory over O. Dio will depend on whether you used traps and how much. This directly affects the number of gang members who are with him in battle. If you do not use traps, you will encounter all the strength of the gang with their boss. If you use traps, you will face part of the gang. Finally, if you manage to arrange all the traps, you will fight only with O. Dio.

If you fight with O. Dio with all the members of his gang or only some of them, you will first want to focus on O. Dio. It is extremely difficult to defeat him with all members of his gang, but possible. Destroy some members of the gang to prevent them from crushing you, but do not kill them all, otherwise O. Dio will apply its strongest attacks.

As soon as you defeat enough gang members, Leaving about three or four you will want to hit O. Dio for everything you have. Get right on the top of O. Dio to reduce the use of strong attacks and spam The Sundown Kid’s Double shot and a frantic dog Texas jitterbag The ability to apply maximum damage. If any character falls, use your area healing object to return them to life.

The same strategy is used if you fight it alone-come as close as possible and spam these two tricks. One thing that should be paid to if you are fighting with O. Dio alone is that two boulders appear on the map. Your attacks cannot go through them, but they can. So do not try to use them as a cover. After you apply enough damage, O. Dio will fall, and the city will be saved.

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