LOL: 8 Functions requested by the community that Riot has added to other games but not to Moba

League of Legends threw himself in 2009 and quickly became a great success for Riot Games , which only when his Moba turned 10, decided to tell the world that he was throwing and producing new games, such as Legends Of Runeterra, Valorant, Project L, Wild Rift, Ruined King, among others. However, what the community of Lol did not expect is that the younger brothers of her would have characteristics that she has been asking for for years.

Voice chat

Neither way, Lol is a team game and as in every game of this type, communication is very important . However, due to the toxicity by which Moba is known, Riot has said several times that he will not add the voice chat in LOL, which has that characteristic, but only for the players of his own teams. However, Wild Rift and Valorant have the function with other players other than your friends, although it is true that it is not something healthy on many occasions.

A good ranked system

In July 2022, Riot announced the legendary tail for Wild Rift, which brought an exclusive solo range for players who reached the minimum diamond range in past seasons. In it, there are six other main levels, each with four subdivisions: Guerrero, Commander, Guardian, Conqueror, Immortal and Legend. This is something that the Lol community can definitely envy. While in the United States and China are more or less established, is something that goes for more external reasons than being something in full of Riot itself.

Position preference

If you have favorite roles in LOL, you used to have to beg to keep them in the chat, but now you can choose two in normal games and qualifying games. In Wild Rift, players can organize the five positions in the game in order of preference, of the most desired , and will be saved and used in all their next games.

Guilds and clubs

The clubs in LOL were spaces for people to gather, almost like a clan. It was possible to create logos for them and invite friends to join them, but Riot disabled this option in November 2020 during season 10.


However, a improved version of this tool is in Wild Rift , the unions, which can house up to 140 players. In addition, there are public unions, private unions, markers to define the groups that are there, such as inclusive, casual, in voice, among others. It is even possible to gain points for Increase the level of a guild , which can provide players with several benefits and rewards, not to mention the fights between guilds , which involves the players and also gives rewards.

Change the order of the champion selection

If there is something that LOL players suffer a lot, it is the absence of being able to change the order of the picks when they are about to start , a characteristic with which the Wild Rift community can count on absolutely all its games. Of course, in LOL for PC you can write chat to ask for the picks, but a more automated system would be much faster. It seems that Riot has his favorite children and Lol is not among them…

Builds recommended within the game

One of WR’s most cool features is the opportunity that players have, when choosing a champion in a game, Use Builds of very good players with that character , being able to choose between up to three alternatives. This matters to the game the selection of runes, the order of purchase of the items, etc. These types of selections are only possible in the PC version with a third-party program that can even damage our computer if we do not choose the correct one.

Block and avoid players

According to a filtration, Riot Games will soon allow Valorant players to create a list of blocked players to prevent them from falling together in the next games.

This function should only have a limited duration of a few days, since it cannot interfere with the entire FPS pairing system, which means that there is still a small possibility that they will fall into the same game as the people you have blocked. Even so, it is a tool with which many players dream, since it will be a good ally to deal with toxicity in the game.

See how skins are in the game

This is a aesthetic characteristic, but it is still useful. In Wild Rift it is possible While in LOL is necessary to find the image on YouTube to really see how the Skin model looks.

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