How to construct Cyno in Genshin: tool, artifacts and also group composition

A good build for CNO in Gen sin Impact calls for initiative, the exact same puts on the option of weapons, artifact sets and using the best teammates to assure his survival and also damages in the adversary landscapes of the Summer desert. The 3.1-patch variation for Gen shin impacts not only provides the playable appearance of the Electron pole arm personality, but also a new desert area west of the Dharma rain forest, in which new adversaries and also regional wild animals such as Scorpion and Hair Life. Players who want to utilize CNO on their trip with the warm sand need to think about developing it as necessary.

the statistics that a cyno-building desires to have in Gen sin

CNO is a field electrodes as well as would love to play the role of damage brought on by the damage. CRT rate, CRT damages and the equivalent primary damage bonus offer. CNO varies a little from the stereotypical DPS, considering that it additionally decreases elementary control, which is exchanged added normal strike damages as well as higher passive damages and does what benefits elementary control, specifically to increase the damage to elementary responses.


This provides him extent with respect to the under statistics, wherein the players have the opportunity to round off the stats of their canon either with Attack or Elemental Proficiency. Because it is a character that depends upon continuously having access to its Elemental Burst, which costs 80 power, it is additionally an advantage to charge some energy.

In view of the statistics above, a few of the tools that need to be taken into consideration for CNO are as complies with:


Take right into account the above information and the gamers ought to have a better suggestion of what CNO desires from his tools as well as what assistance he requires from his teammates.

    • Ripe: CRT rate/CRT damages.
  • Sand: assault %/ elementary control.
  • Hourglass: Electrode perk.

An excellent build for CNO in Gen sin Effect calls for initiative, the same applies to the choice of weapons, artifact sets and the usage of the right colleagues to ensure his survival and damages in the opponent landscapes of the Summer desert. CNO is an area electrodes and would such as to play the duty of damage triggered by the damage. CNO varies somewhat from the stereotypical DPS, because it additionally lowers primary control, which is transformed into additional regular strike damage and also higher passive damages and also does what is excellent for elementary control, namely to enhance the damage to primary reactions.

Four-part 2 part/two components.
Roaring temper Thundering anger
Gilded desires Roaring temper
If no better choices) ** Gilded Dreams/Wanderer’s Troupe

Some spending plan tools alternatives consist of moonpiercer, The Catch and also Missive Wind spear. Both the moon Pierce and also the Missive Wind spear offer primary control, while certain parts of their passive are blocked behind elementary responses, to which CNO groups often tend to often tend. In the meantime, The Catch supplies genuine rises in the number of damages, however does not cover all bases that CNO requires, and also just provides power healing as well as extra damages to its Elemental Burst.

The major data and also under statistics must follow the plan mentioned above, with some possible orders such as those explained below:.

The issue right here is that all 3 tools require some initiative to acquire them, The Catch is a weapon that is exchanged in the Trauma angling guild, as well as the moon Pierce can be made after getting its plan by Arkansas aided. While the Missive Wind spear is a benefit for the conclusion of the currently running event On Balladen as well as Brew.

Concepts for a CNO team structure in Gen sin Influence.

The kind of team with CNO can be led depends on the checklist of personality that is offered to a player, however some characters that verify to be beneficial are:.

Enhancing a major role in making sure CNO’s damages discharges, and also this needs the presence of A Pedro colleague in CNO’s group.

Five stars Four-star
Stab of scarlet Sand Moon Pierce.
Prehistoric Jade Winged Spear The catch.
Skyward back Send out letter winds peer.

When it comes to Artifact collections, 2 sets normally show to be competitive for the personality. Thundering rage and also gilded desires. The former concentrates on boosting the damage figures for elementary reactions and lowering the decay times of his skills during his burst, while the last rises elementary control the much more elementary responses are triggered, and also assault % on the side. Against this background, there are some artifact configurations.

In the meantime, The Catch provides genuine increases in the number of damage, yet does not cover all bases that CNO requires, and only offers energy healing and also extra damages to its Elemental Burst.

Stab of the scarlet Sand is absolutely the most effective tool for CNO when gamers were lucky with their trains in the existing limited weapon banner, which offers critical hits, primary control and additional assault procedures, which is difficult to do power procurement, nonetheless, players can Also think about to accomplish Jade Winged Spear or Skyward Spine on CNO, as you provide an important hit rate along with increases in Strike (Jade Winged-Spear) or Energy Cost (Skyward Spine).

Primary reactions Battery General utility.
Pedro tourist Raid Shogun Zwingli.
Associates Fiscal/Kiki Shinobi Albedo/Bennett.

Enhancing a significant duty in making certain CNO’s damages discharges, and also this calls for the visibility of A Pedro colleague in CNO’s team. It is suggested to bring a personality with you that is able to provide electronics, because CNO may not have the ability to restore all the energy that he needs to utilize his ult once more after expiration. An indicator or healer is additionally excellent for added survival or raised resistance to opponent interruptions.

Gen shin effect is now offered for computer, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Android as well as iOS.

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