EA, Koeis Monheon Wild Hearts, what is the public information?

EA joined forces with Joe Techno to create a game of Monster Hunter?

Wild Hearts, which is surprised released, is attracting the attention of fans of hunting action genres. The two companies suddenly released the game trailer on the 28th, and once again, they are surprisingly surprised by saying that they can play the game immediately in February 2023, only five months later.

It is not common for EA to join hands with a Japanese game company, or to release the relevant matters only if the game is almost imminent. In the midst of many curiosities, IGN revealed the details and development stories of Wild Hearts in an interview with the game crew. I looked at the main contents.

Studio Omega Force under the development of COMA Techno is famous for its series, but the Hunting Action genre is not the first time. They have the power of developing the Togwijeon series, which hunts the ghosts against Japan. In the case of Wild Hearts, he focused on making a new hunting action game that appeals to the new gamers’ generations by taking advantage of this experience, the development team said.

Another part of the crew is the harmony between local colors and global senses. Although in the background of the feudal era of Japan, it is intended to appeal to users around the world by adding innovation to the universal factors of hunting games.

According to the interview, the hunting of Wild Hearts borrowed and made the animals in reality. The official name is also known as ‘Kimono’, which means ‘beast’. In the trailer, huge hunting reminiscent of rats, monkeys, and wild boars appear.

The unique feature of Wild Hearts, which is one of the developers, is the production system called Karakul. It is also the most prominent content in the trailer. You can see how the user creates a variety of wooden structures and uses them in various ways. ‘Karakul’ explodes and creates several scenes such as attacking monsters or firing ropes.

According to the crew, Karakul is a high freedom production mechanic that creates a favorable environment to defeat a powerful hunting. Some Karakul can be constructed immediately during the battle, and a combination of Karakul.

In the case of combat, there are several movements that can be seen in modern action games such as dashes, jumping, grapples, and sliding. In addition, Karakul system can be combined to perform more various actions. This is also a factor in the trailer, and the scene is confirmed to make a step attack by jumping on a high foundation with Karakul.

The crew said that there is also a new combat style that is not seen in its series or other hunting games.

In the case of the world, it uses a zone system. Each area is vast, and the user can use Kara Turin to explore almost everywhere in the area. In this explanation, it is assumed that Karakul is used not only in combat but also in other activities.

The largest cooperative number of Wild Hearts is three. Most cooperative games, including Monster Hunter, are often compared with at least four support. The crew also thought of a four-person system at first, but he said that it was limited to three people to maintain the tension of the battle considering the performance of Karakul.

Meanwhile, the developers also mentioned the reason why Joe Techno, who had been publishing the game, joined the EA. I wanted to make a hunting game that people around the world can enjoy. EA not only was fluent in global publishing, but also contributed to the development of Wild Hearts through abundant experiences. We are also dedicated to allow our games to reach gamers around the world.

There is also a reason why Wild Hearts, which has just been announced, can be released five months later. According to the crew, the development period of Wild Hearts has already been over four years since the concept of concept initiative. I wanted to release the game for a long time, but the shorter the period between the announcement and the release, the shorter the time the user had to wait, and I thought it would play the game with interest.

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