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The Witcher 3: Das Next-Gen-Upgrade im Check. CD project has released the long-awaited next-gen-

CD Project RED has released the long-awaited next-gen-upgrade for The Witcher 3, which includes many innovations. In this article, we take a close look at the innovations and what they mean for your Gerald.

With the release of The Witcher 3: Wild Quest in May 2015, the developers from CD Project Red provided their work of art. The role-playing game based upon the compositions of the Polish writer Andrzej Minkowski was celebrated by fans and critics, residence to numerous awards as well as is considered one of the ideal video games ever. Even if practically eight years have actually passed because then, the game does not need to hide behind even more contemporary category representatives.

It is still the very best point to offer the genre. In order to offer today's players the most effective feasible experience, the Polish programmers have actually currently published the Full Version. This not just brings the video game to the present console generation PS5 and also Xbox Series, but additionally an entire collection of changes and also improvements. A last hurray for Gerald of Trivia prior to the Witcher cosmos catches the successor already revealed for new coasts.

Who obtains the upgrade?

The Witcher 3 (Buy 26.21 EUR now): Wild Quest Full Edition or the supposed Next-Gen-Upgrade was published on December 14th for Computer, PS5 and also Xbox Series. In a slimmed-down form, some components of the upgrade, such as brand-new items and also go across development, also make it right into the variations for PS4, Xbox One and also Nintendo Change. One of the most important information for everyone who currently has The Witcher 3: the switch to the brand-new version expenses you absolutely nothing. Regardless of whether you simply call your own fundamental version without the two expansions, among the LCS or the Game of the Year edition, you don't have to spend for the upgrade. You can of program likewise get the Total Edition generally if you desire to obtain right into the world of the Witcher for the first time. Later on a magazine is even prepared as a retail version. The Witcher 3 in the next-gen-check. (6) Resource: CD Project Red

ray mapping and also fps

What is brand-new to The Witcher 3? The most noticeable that can be anticipated from a next-gene upgrade are graphic optimizations and much better efficiency. Around, the designers of CD project tried to get as much out of the old engine as feasible. There are 2 make settings to pick from: In efficiency mode, the game supplies stable 60 frames per 2nd with a vibrant resolution. In this attitude, apart from a few little gluttons to the beginning of the game, we did not discover any kind of significant burglaries. In this setting, the game is a happily fluid experience. The 2nd mode just keeps up 30 fps, however provides the complete support of ray tracing. To be specific: Ray Traced Global Lighting and also Ray Traced Ambient Occlusion. In the PC variation there is also Ray Traced Reflections and also Darkness. Every person needs to make a decision whether you need this. We did not discover this mode uncomfortable, however uneasy for the spoiled modern gamer. The game in performance mode does not look a lot worse than would be worthwhile to do without the 60 FPS. Sometimes we even had the sensation that the video game looked much better without ray tracing. Currently, The Witcher 3 is not an awful video game, even the initial version can still exist today. The adventure looks also much better with enhanced weather condition impacts, embellished vegetation as well as various other developed details. The majority of the primary characters were additionally developed to remove clipping mistakes in hair and also include high-resolution darkness.


The game can entirely conceal his age, however in spite of all these improvements, can not entirely conceal. Especially in close-ups of numbers, everything no much longer works fresh. Page 1 The Witcher 3 in Next-Gen-Check Web page 2 The Witcher 3 in Next-Gen-Check Web page 3 The Witcher 3 in Next-Gen-Check Page 4 Image Gallery for The Witcher 3: This remains in the Next-Gen-Upgrade of the work of art Following page next page To the gallery to the homepage Share remarks 0 in Twitter Share Post

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