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Classic WoW Paladin Ultimate Guide: Tips, Tricks and insights

The Paladin, known for its association with righteousness and light, is a versatile class in the World of Warcraft. In Classic WoW, the Paladin was often limited to a healing role during endgame content. However, in the more levelling-focused hardcore challenge, the Paladin opens up new paths of viability. This guide will explore the Paladin in Hardcore Classic WoW, providing tips, tricks, and insights for players interested in playing this iconic class.


Classic WoW Paladin Ultimate Guide: Tips, Tricks and insights


New Player Friendly

For new players considering the hardcore challenge and aligning with the Alliance, the Paladin makes for an excellent starting point. The Paladin stands as the most durable melee class, offering the ability to wear heavy armour and boasting strong defensive and healing capabilities. Additionally, the Paladin's gameplay is relatively straightforward, making it easy to pick up and play from early levels. With access to various buffs and utility spells, the Paladin proves difficult to lock down in combat, except when facing spell lock on holy abilities.

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Solo Play

In terms of solo questing, the Paladin is a capable class. While the Paladin primarily relies on melee attacks, they do have some abilities to deal damage, such as Exorcism and Hammer of Wrath. Against Undead foes, the Paladin gains additional benefits from their toolkit, such as the ability to fear Undead with Turn Undead or deal heavy holy damage with Holy Wrath. However, the Paladin's damage output is less significant than other classes, but they excel in survivability. With strong healing capabilities and defensive abilities, the Paladin can endure longer fights, making them well-suited for solo play.


Group Play

When grouped up, Paladins become even more powerful. The Paladin's full toolkit of utility comes into play, Like Priest Class, providing significant benefits to the group. In group content, Paladins are often seen as the Difference Maker, enabling other classes to shine. The Paladin's blessings and auras, though short-lived, offer immense value to the group. Furthermore, the Paladin can flex into different roles depending on the situation, including healing or tanking, albeit with some limitations during endgame content. However, during the levelling phase, Paladins can adapt to various roles and contribute effectively to group play.



Paladins are renowned for their exceptional survivability. In fact, the Paladin is the only class with a spell combo banned in unofficial hardcore servers due to its overwhelming power. The combination of Divine Shield and Hearthstone (commonly known as Bubble Hearth) provides 10 seconds of immunity to all damage, allowing for a guaranteed escape from any situation. Paladins also have access to Divine Protection, which grants temporary immunity to attacks but restricts the ability to attack during its duration. With additional defensive abilities like Lay on Hands for self or ally healing and Hammer of Justice for stunning enemies, the Paladin can navigate difficult encounters and emerge victorious.


Talent Builds

Paladins have two main talent builds: one focused on tanking and group play, and the other centred around damage and solo play. The primary difference lies in the prioritization of Consecration. The tanking build invests points in the Holy tree early on to acquire Consecration, which enhances threat generation. The damage-focused build starts with the Retribution tree and delays investing in Consecration until later levels. Both builds have their strengths and cater to different playstyles, allowing players to choose the approach that suits them best.

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Key Abilities to Prioritize

Some key abilities to prioritize as a Paladin include Consecration (if going for a tank build), Hammer of Justice, Lay on Hands, Blessing of Freedom, and Cleanse. These abilities enhance your survivability, utility, and support capabilities. Additionally, obtaining a good weapon upgrade is crucial, as the Paladin spends a significant amount of time in melee combat.

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Weapon Progression

As a Paladin, your time will primarily be spent in melee combat, making weapon upgrades crucial. Early on, there are vendors who offer powerful two-handed weapons such as the Heavy Spike Mace or the Executioner Sword. Keep an eye out for wandering merchant Antonio Perelli, who sells excellent weapons. Additionally, completing class-specific quests like In the Name of the Light will reward you with notable two-handed weapons. These weapons can serve you well throughout your levelling journey, ensuring you're well-equipped to face any challenge.

WOW Classic Paladin Weapon Screenshot



For optimal Paladin gameplay, consider using macros and addons. Macros can streamline your abilities and allow for quick swapping between a two-hander and a shield with a one-hander. Macros can also include mouse-over functionality, making it easier to target allies for blessings and utility spells. As for addons, a Swingtimer can help you time your heels effectively, while PallyPower can assist with tracking blessings on your allies.

WOW Classic Paladin Macros/Addons Screenshot



The Paladin is a versatile and resilient class in Hardcore Classic WoW. With strong defensive and healing abilities, the Paladin excels in both solo and group play. Whether you choose to tank, heal, or deal damage, the Paladin's utility and survivability make them a valuable asset in any group. By carefully selecting talents, acquiring essential abilities, upgrading weapons, and utilizing macros/addons, you can optimize your Paladin's performance and successfully navigate the challenges of Hardcore Classic WoW.

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