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WOW Classic Best Classes For Leveling, Solo and Group: Tier List

In this guide, we'll be discussing the best classes for leveling,  solo self-found gameplay and grouping on the upcoming Classic WoW Hardcore servers. Whether you prefer to venture alone or join a party, the choice of your class can significantly impact your leveling experience and overall success. We'll explore the strengths and weaknesses of each class and rank them accordingly in two separate tier lists and ranking.


WOW Classic Best Classes For Leveling, Solo and Group: Tier List


Tier List for Leveling



Tier Class Description
S Hunter Hunters excel at leveling due to their pet's tanking abilities and solo questing efficiency. Once they obtain a permanent pet, leveling becomes smooth and fast. They are one of the fastest classes to level.
Mage Mages secure their place in the S tier with powerful AOE capabilities and versatility. Their ability to solo AOE farm speeds up the leveling process significantly. Additionally, they fit well into dungeon groups, making it easy to find parties during the leveling journey.
A Warlock Warlocks are strong contenders in the A tier, capable of handling multiple mobs with ease. Their Voidwalker pet becomes a valuable tank at level 10, allowing the Warlock to focus on dealing damage with powerful spells. They are also sought after for their utility in raids.
Druid Druids belong to the A tier, offering a mix of versatility and survivability. Once they acquire cat form at level 20, leveling becomes smooth and enjoyable. Druids are also fun for open-world PvP and can fulfill various roles in end-game content.
B Rogue Rogues comfortably sit in the B tier, providing fast and efficient leveling. Their stun-lock abilities make solo play enjoyable, although their leveling speed is slower than some other classes. Nevertheless, Rogues are still a solid choice for leveling.
Priest Priests rank in the B tier with a relatively slow leveling speed. However, they are durable and can handle tough situations with ease. Discipline specialization is recommended for smoother leveling, while Shadow becomes more powerful at level 40 for open-world dominance.
C Paladin Paladins find themselves in the C tier due to their monotonous and slow leveling experience in the early levels. Auto-attack-based gameplay can become tedious. However, Paladins play a crucial role in end-game raids and PvP.
Shaman Shamans also fall into the C tier for leveling and are better suited for players who are enthusiastic about the Shaman class. Enhancement Shamans can be fun in PvP, but they may struggle with leveling efficiency compared to other classes.
Warrior Warriors land in the C tier as the most challenging class to level. The early levels can be frustrating, and solo play can feel sluggish. However, access to good dungeon groups or leveling with other Warriors can significantly improve the leveling experience.



Tier List for Solo Self-Found Gameplay

  • Hunters (S-Tier): Hunters excel at solo play due to their versatile toolkit, pet tanking, and escape mechanisms. They are a safe and fast leveling class, suitable for both experienced and new players.
  • Feral Druids (A-Tier): Feral Druids become incredibly strong at higher levels, capable of dealing with multiple enemies and healing themselves effectively. The early levels may be challenging, but once they reach level 20, they become more formidable.
  • Mages (A-Tier): Mages have access to strong crowd control and a variety of ways to escape combat. Their ability to freeze enemies and deal burst damage makes them a solid choice for solo play.
  • Paladins (B-Tier): Paladins are a very safe class due to their self-healing, stuns, and bubble ability. While they are slow and somewhat monotonous, they are durable and well-suited for solo play.
  • Rogues (B-Tier): Rogues can be excellent solo performers in the right hands, utilizing their crowd control and escape abilities effectively. However, they require skill to play optimally.
  • Shamans (C-Tier): Shamans are strong in the early levels but need to catch up at higher levels. While they have good utility, they lack the versatility and solo survivability of other classes.
  • Priests (C-Tier): Priests can solo effectively, but their strength lies in healing. For solo play, they may feel underwhelming compared to other classes.
  • Warriors (D-Tier): Warriors struggle in solo self-found gameplay due to their lack of self-sustain and escape mechanisms. They excel as tanks but need to be more suited for solo leveling.


Tier List for Group Play (With Trading Enabled)

  • Warriors (S-Tier): Warriors become the top choice for group play, excelling as tanks and dealing high damage with proper healing support.
  • Paladins (S-Tier): Paladins shine in group scenarios, offering a mix of tanking and healing capabilities. They are highly sought after for dungeon runs.
  • Mages (A-Tier): Mages retain their strong position in groups, providing crowd control, burst damage, and the ability to AoE farm effectively.
  • Priests (A-Tier): Priests are invaluable healers for group play, providing strong single-target and group healing spells.
  • Shamans (B-Tier): Shamans bring utility and buffing capabilities to groups, increasing the overall damage output. They are versatile support healers and DPS.
  • Rogues (B-Tier): Rogues offer solid single-target damage and crowd control in groups, contributing to focused damage on key targets.
  • Warlocks (B-Tier): Warlocks are useful in groups for their summoning and health stone abilities, but their damage may scale differently than other classes.
  • Hunters (C-Tier): While Hunters still contribute DPS to groups, they are less desirable compared to other classes due to pet management issues and the potential for less-skilled players.



Choosing the best class for your Classic WoW Hardcore adventure depends on your preferred playstyle. For upgrades, Hunter and Mages have a better edge, and for leveling, solo self-found gameplay, classes like Hunters, Feral Druids, and Mages offer a safer and more efficient leveling experience. However, in group play, Warriors and Paladins shine as top choices for tanks and healers, while Mages and Priests provide valuable crowd control and healing support. Remember that personal skill and experience can also significantly impact your performance in any class. 

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