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Why is Divine Protection the best choice for building Tank Cleric in Dark and Darker?

Welcome to the world of Dark and Darker, where treacherous dungeons, powerful foes, and epic adventures await. In this guide, we'll delve into the intricacies of the Full Tank Build Cleric, a formidable choice for those seeking to bolster their defenses and emerge victorious in the face of adversity. Specifically, we'll explore the often-overlooked ability, Divine Protection, shedding light on its potential and why it deserves consideration in your cleric build. So, Let's embark on this journey of discovery and power as we uncover the secrets of the Full Tank Build Cleric and the enigmatic Divine Protection.


Why is Divine Protection the best choice for building Tank Cleric in Dark and Darker?


Building Your Tanky Cleric

To create an effective tanky cleric, you'll need to equip gear and abilities that prioritize your defense. Here's a breakdown of the items and abilities you should consider:

Gear Heater Shield Opt for the Heater Shield as your primary defensive item. It provides substantial protection and is a must-have for any tanky cleric.
Helm Equip the best helmet available to maximize your defense.
Plate Armor Prioritize Plate Armor to increase your overall tankiness.
Abilities Perseverance This ability enhances your ability to withstand enemy attacks, making it an essential pick for a tanky build.
Holy Aura Holy Aura boosts your durability by providing passive healing over time.
Divine Protection This ability, which is the focal point of this guide, grants you a 30% increase in Physical Damage Reduction (PDR) for four seconds. This can be a game-changer when facing formidable foes.


Divine Protection

Divine Protection is a unique ability that can significantly increase your survivability in combat. Here's a detailed look at this underrated skill:

  • Divine Protection increases your PDR by 30%, meaning you take 30% less physical damage from enemy attacks.
  • The effect lasts for four seconds, giving you a brief but crucial window of enhanced defense.
  • Divine Protection has a 90-second cooldown, which makes it the least favored ability among clerics due to its long cooldown relative to its short duration.


The Case for Divine Protection

While Divine Protection may not be the most popular choice among clerics, it has its merits, especially in a tanky build:

  • Surprise Factor: Most opponents won't expect a cleric to have Divine Protection. This element of surprise can throw off attackers who underestimate your tankiness.
  • Damage Mitigation: Divine Protection can turn the tide of a battle by reducing incoming damage by a significant margin. It effectively grants you a four-second window of invincibility against physical attacks.
  • PvP Advantage: In player-versus-player encounters, Divine Protection can give you the upper hand by allowing you to outlast opponents and deal damage while they struggle to hurt you.
  • Synergy with Protection from Evil: When combined with Protection from Evil, Divine Protection can nullify the effects of harmful status effects such as bleeds or poisons, further enhancing your survivability.


Alternative Abilities

While Divine Protection has its advantages, some clerics prefer other abilities for various reasons:

  • Judgment's Might: This ability increases your damage output, which can be beneficial if you want to contribute more to your team's offense.
  • Holy Shield: Holy Shield provides a protective barrier, which is another option for boosting your defenses.



In the world of Dark and Darker, a Full Tank Build Cleric with Divine Protection can be a formidable force to reckon with. While this build may not be the most popular choice, it offers unique advantages that can surprise and outlast your foes in both PvE and PvP scenarios. Experiment with Divine Protection and see if it fits your playstyle and enhances your survival in the dungeons. Remember that versatility is key, and the best cleric builds adapt to different situations. May your journeys in "Dark and Darker" be filled with victory and loot aplenty!

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