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Dark and Darker Fighter Guide: Why it is the best starting class?

Are you ready to dive into the world of Dark and Darker as a Fighter? Among the available options, the Fighter class stands out as an excellent choice for both newcomers and experienced players. Its versatility, adaptability, and weapon mastery make it a top pick for those looking to excel in this challenging game. In this detailed guide, we'll explore why the Fighter class is the best starting class and provide valuable insights into its skills and perks


Dark and Darker Fighter Guide: Why it is the best starting class?


Why Fighter is A Versatile Starter Class?

The Fighter class is a well-rounded choice for players who are new to Dark and Darker.  It is versatile, allowing you to adapt your playstyle to suit your preferences. You can choose to be a tanky frontline warrior, a DPS powerhouse, or even a mix of both. Here are some reasons why it's considered the best starting class:

  • Weapon Mastery: One of the standout features of the Fighter class is its starting perk, Weapon Mastery. This perk allows you to wield any weapon in the game with only a 10% damage reduction. This means you can experiment with various weapons without being locked into a specific class. For instance, you can try out two-handed axes, a common choice for Barbarians, before committing to that class.
  • Versatility: Fighters can easily switch between ranged and melee combat. You can pick up bows and deal damage from a distance, then switch to a two-handed or one-handed shield when enemies close in. This flexibility makes the Fighter a valuable asset in any team composition.


Perks Selection

Let's delve into the Fighter's perks, discussing their suitability for various playstyles:

Perk Name Type Description
Barricade  Tank Provides damage reduction while holding a shield, ideal for tanky builds and effective in team play.
Combo Attack All Increases attack power by 10 with each successful melee attack within three seconds, useful for both defense and offense.
Counter Attack Tank Offers a 10% damage increase when successfully blocking an attack and retaliating, best for close combat situations.
Defense Expert Tank Increases armor rating acquired from armor by 10, great for tank-oriented Fighters.
Dual Wield DPS Provides a substantial 50% increase in attack speed when wielding weapons in both hands, ideal for offensive Fighters.
Projectile Resistance Tank Reduces damage taken from ranged attacks by 10, essential for tank builds facing archers and mages.
Shield Expert Tank Increases movement speed by 10% when in the defensive stance with a shield, excellent for survival-focused tanks.
Swift  DPS Reduces the movement speed penalty of heavy armor by 20%, allowing for better mobility while wearing heavy armor.



Now, let's explore the Fighter's skills and how they complement your perks:

  • Adrenaline Rush (DPS): Adrenaline Rush is a skill that can work well in DPS builds. It increases your attack speed for a limited time. It pairs nicely with Combo Attack to unleash a flurry of attacks, dealing significant damage. However, other skills may offer more versatility.
  • Breakthrough (Niche): Breakthrough reduces debuffs at slow movement speeds, but it's a niche choice. The benefits may not outweigh other skill options, so consider this carefully.
  • Second Wind + Sprint (All): Second Wind is a must-have skill for Fighters. It not only heals you for 50% of your HP over 12 seconds but also removes the side effects of Adrenaline Rush. Pair it with Sprint to chase down enemies and sustain your fights effectively.
  • Taunt (Tank): Taunt increases the aggro of nearby monsters and boosts your defense rating for eight seconds. This skill is most effective for tanks, helping them maintain aggro and survive incoming damage.
  • Victory Strike (Niche): Victory Strike can be potent when combined with a two-handed weapon. It boosts your next attack's damage by 20% of the weapon's damage. However, it may not be as universally useful as other skills, so consider your playstyle.


Equipment and Stats


For tanky builds, focus on acquiring plate armor to maximize your protection. Templar Armor offers reduced mobility penalties and additional magic resistance. Ensure you have a Fighter Star or Round Shield. If possible, upgrade to a Heater Shield for a larger block area.


For more aggressive builds, select armor pieces that balance defense and mobility. The Regal Gambeson from the tailor is an excellent choice for its substantial armor without excessive mobility penalties. Consider leather or lighter armor for boots to maintain some speed.



When choosing gear, prioritize Strength to enhance your damage output. Agility is also valuable for increased mobility. Resourcefulness can be useful but is not as critical. Look out for bonuses that provide bonus damage, move speed, or damage reduction.


Gameplay Tips

  • Solo Play: When playing solo, your strategy depends on your build. If you're tanky, engage enemies head-on, using your shield to block and absorb damage. If you're DPS-focused, start by picking off enemies from a distance with your bow. Close the gap with Sprint and unleash a flurry of attacks.
  • Team Play: In team play, your role can vary. If a cleric supports you, charge headlong into combat and let them heal you as you engage enemies. For more coordinated strategies, consider ranged support with your bow while waiting for the right moment to engage.
  • Use Potions and Bandages: Always carry potions and bandages to heal yourself during battles. These items can save your life and keep you in the fight longer.
  • Stay Mobile: Balancing mobility and armor is crucial. Ensure you have enough speed to catch your targets without being too slow to engage effectively.
  • Prioritize Headshots: Aim for headshots whenever possible to maximize your damage output. This can be especially effective with Combo Attack.



With the right perks, skills, gear, and gameplay strategies, you can become a formidable Fighter in Dark and Darker. Experiment with different combinations to find the playstyle that suits you best. Whether you choose to be a relentless attacker or a resilient tank, this guide should provide you with the knowledge to excel in the game. Good luck on your adventures in the dark and dangerous world of Dark and Darker!

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