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Elden Ring Best Dexterity Builds Guide: What Weapons and Talismans Do You Need?

In Elden Ring, dexterity builds stand out for their exceptional weapon variety and adaptability in combat. The primary focus of this build is to utilize a wide range of weapons, each catering to different combat scenarios. To optimize your build, consider infusing your weapons with Lightning or Keen, depending on their base attributes and your preferred playstyle.


Elden Ring Best Dexterity Builds Guide: What Weapons and Talismans Do You Need?


Why Choose Dexterity Builds?

Dexterity builds in Elden Ring offer a plethora of weapon options and versatile combat styles. These builds revolve around high dexterity stats, making them agile and deadly in combat. The primary appeal of dexterity builds lies in their incredible weapon variety. Whether it's fast, nimble weapons for hit-and-run tactics or heavy-hitting, multi-hit weapons, a dexterity build allows you to adapt to any situation.


Weapon Infusion Strategies

  • Pierce Damage Weapons: For weapons with pierce damage, a Keen infusion is highly recommended. This allows you to maximize damage output, especially when paired with the Spear Talisman, enhancing your critical attacks.
  • Critical Damage and Multi-Hit Weapons: Weapons that boast high critical damage or synergize well with multi-hit Ash of Wars are best paired with Lightning infusion. This setup ensures superior performance and devastating burst damage.


Talisman Setups

Dexterity builds have two distinct Talisman setups to suit different combat scenarios.


Critical Attacks Setup:

  • Ritual Shield Talisman: This Talisman provides you with extra health, allowing you to tank more hits during critical attacks.
  • Dagger Talisman: Equip the Dagger Talisman to increase the damage of your critical attacks, maximizing your efficiency when landing backstabs or parries.


Multi-Hit Attacks Setup:

For situations that demand constant and consecutive attacks, use this setup with weapons like the Hand of Milenia or those with multi-hit moves:

Multi-Hit Talisman (specific to your weapon choice): Choose the appropriate Talisman that complements your weapon's multi-hit abilities, such as spinning slashes or dual-wielding setups.


Performance and Strategies

The build's versatility becomes apparent in invasions, adapting to various combat scenarios on the fly.

  • Against Aggressive Teams: In situations where you face aggressive teams or require burst damage, this build provides all the necessary tools to come out on top.
  • Adaptation and Flexibility: The build's strength lies in its adaptability. Whether you're fishing for backstabs or navigating through chaotic team battles, the varied weapon arsenal ensures you’re always ready for what comes next.


Tips and Tricks:

  • Effective Use of Talismans: Switch between talisman setups as the situation demands, ensuring you always have the upper hand.
  • Mastering Weapon Variety: Spend time learning the nuances of each weapon in your arsenal. Understand when to use Lightning or Keen infusions for maximum effectiveness.
  • Invasion Strategies: Utilize the environment to your advantage, adapt to your opponents' strategies, and don’t be afraid to switch up your tactics mid-fight.



In total, the dexterity build in Elden Ring is a fantastic choice for players who want to wield a wide range of weapons and adapt to different combat scenarios. With "Unleashing the Power of Dexterity," you now have a comprehensive guide to mastering dexterity builds in Elden Ring. Embrace the weapon variety, optimize your talisman setups, and adapt to every combat scenario to dominate the lands between.

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