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Elden Ring Patch 1.09.1: 6 Glitches for Early Game Rune Farming

Elden Ring, the highly anticipated action role-playing game, has captivated players with its immersive world and challenging gameplay. In this guide, we will explore 6 glitches that can be used for early-game rune farming in Patch 1.09.1. These glitches provide unique opportunities to acquire valuable items and gain an edge in your adventures. Let's delve into each glitch and learn how to exploit them effectively.


Elden Ring Patch 1.09.1: 6 Glitches for Early Game Rune Farming


Antspur Rapier Glitch

Location: Shaded Castle

Description: By manipulating an invader's movement, you can guide them off the map, resulting in a simple yet effective glitch. Once you navigate the castle and encounter the invader, lure them towards the right side, where they can unintentionally fall off the map, allowing you to acquire valuable items effortlessly.


Inferno Lightning Glitch

Location: Anywhere

Description: This glitch enables you to combine two identical weapons with different affinities, resulting in a powerful combination of effects. Ensure you have two of the same weapon, equip one, and then swap the other weapon back and forth from your inventory. This glitch allows you to inflict multiple types of damage, such as fire and lightning, amplifying your combat capabilities.


Sacred Butchering Knife Glitch

Location: Bridge of Iniquity

Description: Utilizing this glitch, you can manipulate an invader to fall off the map during combat. Navigate through the enemies towards the "rotten shack" area, and position yourself near the ledge. The invader will attempt to attack you but may accidentally roll forward and fall off the map, providing an unexpected advantage.


Talisman Glitch

Location: Warmaster Shack

Description: This glitch allows you to lead an invader towards a specific location, causing them to walk or jump off the map. By guiding the invader from the War Master Shack towards the Coliseum, you can position yourself strategically to trigger their accidental demise, granting you a significant advantage.


Church of Vow Glitch

Location: Church of Vows

Description: This glitch provides an alternative approach to defeating a specific boss. Rest until nightfall and proceed to the middle of the church. If the bell-bearing hunter does not appear, rest again until it does. Lead the hunter towards the left side and then move to the right as they descend. This maneuver will cause the hunter to slide off the map, ensuring your safety.


Easiest Rune Glitch

Location: Palace Approach Lost Grace

Description: This glitch allows you to acquire runes quickly by performing a double jump maneuver off a ledge. While double jumping, hold the left analogue stick towards the top left direction. Swing your weapon continuously until the runes appear, typically within 30 to 45 seconds. To survive, pause the game and fast-travel back to Lost Grace, repeating the glitch to farm Elden Ring runes effectively.



These glitches provide early-game advantages in Elden Ring, enabling you to acquire valuable items, enhance your combat capabilities, and overcome challenging encounters. Remember to exercise caution when performing these glitches, as unintended consequences may occur. Experiment with these methods and adapt them to suit your playstyle. Harness the power of these glitches and embark on your journey through the mystical world of Elden Ring!

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