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Elden Ring Coolest Builds: Dexterity & Intelligence Combine

Welcome, fellow Elden Ring adventurers! In this guide, we'll explore the power of dexterity and intelligence builds focused on cold-infused weapons. This combination not only retains the high dexterity scaling of your weapons but also adds intelligence scaling, making for a versatile and deadly build. We'll discuss weapon choices, stat distribution, and some tactics for mastering this unique combination of attributes.



Elden Ring Coolest Builds: Dexterity & Intelligence Combine


Benefits of Cold Infused Weapons

Cold-infused weapons are at the heart of Dexterity Intelligence builds, and here's why they're so essential:

Attribute Description
Dexterity Scaling Cold-infused weapons retain Dexterity scaling for damage.
Intelligence Scaling Cold-infused weapons gain Intelligence scaling for versatility.
Stat Spread Suggested stat spread around 50 Dexterity and 30 Intelligence.
Status Effects Cold-infused weapons can inflict Frostbite status effects.
Versatility A combination of agility and magical potency in character build.


Weapon Selection

When using a Dexterity Intelligence build, it's crucial to choose weapons that complement your unique strengths. Here are some weapon types to consider:

Weapon Type Combo/Attack Details Notes
Knight's Greatsword True Combo Greatsword Jumping R1 to R1 combo with 2 swift hits Excellent for Frostbite status effect
Raz's Rapier Thrusting Sword Double hit on heavy attack Reliable for Dexterity builds
Spinning Slash Multi-hit Weapon Delivers 3 hits in a combo Great for applying status effects
Godkin Peeler Multi-hit Weapon Many multi-hit attacks, especially heavy Stunning opponents, ensuring status effects
Guardian Sword Spear True Combo Spear True combo capabilities Pairs well with Chilling Ash of War
Chilling Ash of War Ash of War Boosts Frostbite buildup of your weapon
  • Ideal for Knight's Greatsword or Guardian
  • Sword Spear with true combo capabilities


Elden Ring Weapon


Talisman Choices

The choice of Talisman for your Dexterity Intelligence build can vary based on your preferred playstyle. Here are a couple of options:

  • Multi-Hit Talisman Setup: If you want to maximize your combo damage, consider using a Talisman that specializes in multi-hit attacks. This can help you unleash devastating combinations on your foes.
  • Wave of Darkness Talisman: If you're planning to incorporate heavy weapons, like Zander, or other spells into your build, this Talisman can be a game-changer. It allows for versatile gameplay by letting you cast powerful spells like Wave of Darkness.


Showcase of Dexterity Intelligence Build in Action

Now, let's see how the Dexterity Intelligence build performs in invasions with a detailed account of a few exciting encounters.

Encounter Description
Battle vs. Scythe Dual-Wielders Player engages Scythe dual-wielders, demonstrating Frostbite-inflicting weapons, backstabs, chained attacks, and intense moments.
Wizard Duel Player faces a formidable wizard with Moonlight Greatsword, featuring magical clashes and battlefield maneuvering.
Triangular Showdown Three-way battle with strategic decisions, status effects, and adaptability showcased in chaotic confrontations.
Soul Eater Showdown Battle against Soul Eater, highlighting frostbite-inflicting weapons and unique combat strategies.
Boom Lancer and Allies Creative arena battle against Boom Lancer and allies, showcasing a wide range of tactics against powerful foes.
Wizardry and Twin Blades Duel with a wizard and twin-blade user, using cold-infused weapons, Frostbite, and strategic positioning for an advantage.
Dueling with Dual Spears Player uses dual spears in a balanced duel against dual spear-wielders, demonstrating adaptability and tactical decision-making.
Triangular Confrontation Battle against a wizard and another formidable opponent, emphasizing strategy, status effect management, and diverse threats.
Frost and Fire Battle Intense confrontation with a fire-wielding opponent and their ally, showcasing Frostbite usage and adaptability in a challenging environment.
Cliffside Skirmish Unique battle on a cliff's edge, adding an extra layer of challenge, with the player demonstrating battlefield control and terrain utilization.



Dexterity Intelligence builds offer a unique and versatile playstyle that combines agile melee combat with potent magic. Cold-infused weapons and a balanced stat spread make this build both effective and exciting to play. We hope this guide has shed light on the potential of Dexterity Intelligence builds, the weapon choices, and tactics to employ. Whether you're an invader or a defender, this build allows you to explore new dimensions of combat in the Lands Between.


So, equip your cold-infused weapons, harness the power of Frostbite, and embark on your journey to become the coolest Dexterity Intelligence character in Elden Ring.

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