A student gets the highest note of the MIR, your secret? A game to lol every day

We always get used to reading that videogames are evil. A means demonizing them and blaming them from the misfortunes that occur on the planet to know what interests. But it is more than shown that they are more than beneficial. And that you can even become the perfect tool to remove the highest note of MIR . If you complain that LOL is not very healthy, this story shows exactly the opposite.

We see it on the medical drafting portal, where they tell the case of Sofía HaselGruber , which has become number 1 of the MIR in recent exams, getting the highest note, something that did not happen since 2013. And, as She told himself through social networks, the secret to getting that historical record has been to throw a few parties to League of Legends to evade.

As you can see, she comments from her to the tuit of her have been filled with people giving him the congratulations for her achievement and for carrying it out accompanying him with the great passion of her, which are videogames. She affirms that she is not especially good lol, sure he dominates him with a master’s degree if a part party is given every day. But even if it is not like that, has come well to achieve its purpose and to return to show that video games have more positive connotations than negative.


Now, it remains that Sofia keep taking steps in her profession. We read that she intends to choose dermatology, although she has not decided at what hospital she is going to take the residence of her. What we hope from MGG is that she does not abandon that habit of throwing a party to LOL every day **, even though he will touch 24-hour guards. Surely he can get a little while, that sleep is secondary.

By the way, LOL is not the only title that Sofia enjoys, that before her feat she has received a lot of questions about what your favorite titles are and in addition to the Moba de Riot also mentions Monster Hunter , * Zelda * Or even Lost Ark.

So, this is valid for both Sofia and anyone who reaches here, in this holy house we publish every day a lot of news and lol guides, from Lost Ark and even Elden Ring. We have everything to be your favorite website!

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