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CALL OF DUTY 2023 The first images of the new black ops are filtered

It has practically come out, Call of Duty Vanguard has just come out, and we still expect a lot of content for Call of Duty War zone, but we are already with details and leaks that show what would be the next title of one of the most beloved FPS sagas. It seems that we have the first of cod 2023.

First, as we always talk about some filtration, we tell you that you take this that we are going to tell you with care, since is nothing officer l. The images come from a private discovery and have been spreading through the network, but nobody knows who is the original source; and that causes we can not guarantee that they are the first catches of Call of Duty 2023; And that's why we talk about supposed.

As we already knew, the game is being developed by Trey arch, and it would be a new black ops that, at the moment, it has no name. If you are not familiar, the games of this study are cataloged internally as TX. So, BO3 is T7, Cold War is T9, and T10 is presumably cod 2023.

The images show a high percentage of catches inspired by the Cold War, which could give clues from what would be the environmental framework of the game. But, as we say, we can not give ruling to these images, and it is rare that they get filtered with so much time in advance. Who knows. The images also mention the presence of campaign and zombies mode.

Now, only remains to wait patiently to know more information during the next months and, if these catches disappear from the copyright network, it may be indicative that they are true.

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