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Path of Exile (PoE) is a popular online action role-playing game that requires a lot of currency to progress through the game. Path of Exile Currency is used to purchase items, trade with other players, and craft powerful equipment. There are several ways to earn currency in PoE, and currency farming is one of the most popular methods. In this article, LOLTANK will offers currency farming in PoE and some tips on how to effectively farm currency.

Divine Orb

Divine Orb is a highly sought-after currency item in the world of online gaming that allows players to re-roll the values of random explicit modifiers on a piece of equipment. It is a rare item that can be obtained by defeating monsters, opening chests, or destructible containers, as well as from Arcanist's Strongboxes. While it can only be used on magic, rare, or unique items, it offers great flexibility in terms of re-rolling values within the current tier of the affix. When used on a legacy variant of a unique item, Divine Orb re-rolls the affixes to the new range of values. However, it's worth noting that using Divine Orb on a magic or rare item will prevent new mods from being crafted, as it adds a hidden mod.


Chaos Orb

Chaos Orb is a valuable currency item in the world of online gaming that offers players a chance to re-roll the random modifiers on a piece of rare equipment. It is part of the trio of most commonly used orbs as currency for exchanging items between players, with the other two being the highly valuable Exalted Orbs and Mirror of Kalandra. Obtaining Chaos Orbs is not an easy feat, as they are uncommon currency items that can only be dropped by defeating monsters, opening chests, or destructible containers, as well as from Arcanist's Strongboxes. 



Crafting in Path of Exile requires in-game currency, which is also used for trading items. As most crafting techniques are costly and unpredictable, it is often more efficient to buy the desired item from another player rather than crafting it oneself. Advanced crafting for equipment and weapons should also be avoided until the player has access to high-level items to ensure the highest tier of modifiers is available. Despite the initial capital requirement and unpredictability, successful crafts can be highly lucrative, with the possibility of selling the item for a higher price than the initial investment or setting up a mirror service to earn a fixed fee every time another player copies the item using a Mirror of Kalandra.


Divination Cards

Divination cards offer players a unique way to obtain specific items by collecting a set of cards and exchanging them for a reward. These stackable, tradeable items drop from monsters and loot containers throughout the game, each one granting a different reward. When a player completes a full set of cards, they can be exchanged with Tasuni in Highgate or Lilly Roth at their hideout for the item referenced on the card. Each card type drops in specific areas of Wraeclast, so players can maximize their chances of obtaining the desired item by farming those areas. Divination cards are also affected by the drop rate penalty, which can impact the drop rates based on the character's level. However, the penalty is never considered to be higher than 68, so high-level characters can still farm world areas in later acts without severe penalties.


Farming Strategy

There are various methods to farm currency, including mapping, crafting, trading, and running specific content such as Incursion, Delve, or Blight. The key to successful currency farming is to balance efficiency and profitability, by choosing a strategy that fits your playstyle, build, and available time. Mapping, for example, is a popular method that involves running high-density maps with a fast build to maximize drops and experience. Crafting, on the other hand, requires an initial investment but can lead to valuable items that can be sold for a profit. Trading involves buying and selling items for a profit, while running specific content such as Incursion, Delve, or Blight can reward players with valuable currency and unique items. Whichever method you choose, it's important to stay up-to-date with the current economy, item values, and meta, to make informed decisions and maximize your profits.



Currency farming is an essential part of Path of Exile, and it requires time and effort to master. However, with the right strategy, players can effectively farm currency and progress through the game. Some of the tips we discussed in this article include finding the right farming location, focusing on high-value items, and utilizing trade chat and trade websites. With these tips and a bit of luck, players can amass a large amount of currency and create powerful characters in PoE.

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