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PoE Divines Guides: Easy Farming Low-Good Divination Cards

In this Path of Exile guide, we'll show you how to generate Divination cards, particularly the Farming Poe Divines, with a straightforward strategy. You won't need a significant investment or an elaborate setup. This method mainly involves running Low-Good or Maps efficiently. So, let's delve into the details of this Divination farming strategy.


PoE Divines Guides: Easy Farming Low-Good Divination Cards


Setting Up Your Atlas

  • Atlas Configuration: Start by configuring your Atlas with efficiency in mind. The key is to focus on a minimal number of points. The most crucial aspect is to block everything except Secret Growths. This is because Secret Growths yield valuable Divination cards, especially when combined with Call of the Brotherhood and additional nodes for a 5% chance to contain a second card.
  • Essences and Proliferations: Utilize Essences for amplified energy gains and one guaranteed proliferation. Additionally, benefit from Crystal Lady bonuses and the remnants of the past, as Elder Guardian mobs, Shaper Guardian Maps, and Conqueror Canvases can be lucrative.
  • Strongboxes: Encounter and exploit strongboxes during your runs, as they can provide substantial rewards. Look for Twice Tempted and benefit from the bonuses from World of Mysteries and Back-Up Cache.
  • Eater of Worlds: The "Eater of Worlds" is excellent for currency generation, especially when paired with Doubling Season for additional life force. This synergizes well with this strategy.


Atlas Tree Planner


The Farming Process

  • Choosing Maps: Select your maps carefully. Aim for maps with reasonably high quantities. Ideally, you should roll maps with 90% quantity or higher. However, if you're in a hurry, chisel and alch the map, aiming for a slightly higher quantity.
  • Essences: Always remember to add Essences to your maps. This will increase your encounters with Essences, which are essential for the success of this strategy.
  • Remnants of Corruption: If you don't already have them, you might need to purchase remnants of corruption. These are used to corrupt Essences during the process, potentially increasing your currency gains.


Running the Maps

  • Golden Seeds: Aim for maps with the "Golden Seeds" mod since they have a higher price among the various types of seeds. Focus on higher tiers of seeds for better returns.
  • Life Force: Prioritize collecting yellow life force. This is the most valuable type of life force, ensuring you get the best returns from your investments.
  • Use Remnants of Corruption Wisely: Employ remnants of corruption when encountering valuable Essences such as "Misery," "Envy," "Diet," or "Scorn." Also, consider using them on Essence monsters that drop valuable items.


Map Choices

  • Beach: Beach maps are decent options due to their narrow layout, allowing for faster runs. While you can obtain Divination cards fairly frequently, the peak returns may not be substantial. You can expect around 4-5 Divines per hour, with anything near 10 being considered excellent.
  • Crimson Temple: This map is highly recommended for this strategy. The Apothecary Divination card can drop here, and while it may not drop very often, even one in 20 hours can provide a significant number of Divines. Currently, "Apothecary" cards are valuable, making this map a strong choice for farming.



With this strategy, you can farm for Divination cards, particularly Divines, without a significant investment. Depending on your speed and the drops you encounter, you can expect to earn between 4 to 8 Divines per hour. Keep in mind that big drops like Apothecary cards or Seven Years of Bad Luck can significantly boost your profits. So, embark on your Divination farming journey and watch your wealth grow in Path of Exile!

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