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POE 3.21 Ultimate Forged Frostbearer Raise Spectre Necromancer Build | 100+M DPS

Are you looking for a high-budget, high-damage build to dominate the endgame content in Path of Exile 3.21? Look no further than the Ultimate Forged Frostbearer Spectre Necromancer, which is a high-budget, high-damage endgame build in Crucible league. A build that leverages the power of Spectres to deal out 100+M DPS of damage using a projectile, shotgunning, and overlapping explosions. In this guide, we will delve into the offensive and defensive mechanics of the build and the animated guardian setup. 



POE 3.21 Ultimate Forged Frostbearer Raise Spectre Necromancer Build | 100+M DPS


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Forged Frostbearer is a type of Spectre that you can raise from the new crucible league encounters in the 3.21 league. These monsters cast a spell called Pyromaniac Ice Mortar, which conjures a projectile that they fling out towards their target and explodes on impact.


By linking your Spectres with Spell Echo and Greater Volley, they fire five mortars, each cast with insane caspy, resulting in automatic targeting of enemies from a distance and bursting them down with overlapping explosions.


Offensive Mechanics

The Forged Frostbearer Spectre Summoner build focuses on dealing out hundreds of millions of damage by abusing projectile, shotgunning, and overlapping explosions. In the current setup, the player can summon five spectres, each dealing around 21 million damage per second, combining to over 100 million DPS. To scale their damage, players can use a multi-link minion helmet.


These helmets are a failed craft for the popular build Spectral Shield Throw and have the suffix "Socketed Attacks have 3% to Critical Strike Chance". If the helmet rolls spells instead of attacks, they are essentially bricked, and players can buy them for much less than the average cost of crafting it themselves with the suffix done.


To maximize damage, players should lock the suffix via the Suffix System, change the Metamod, and exalt Flame until they hit "Socketed Spells are supported by Level X Minion Damage, Concentrated Effect, and/or Plus Levels to all Minion Skill Gems." In the end, the build would greatly benefit from a perfect mirror service helmet.


Defensive Mechanics

The current version of the Forged Frostbearer Spectre Necromancer build runs a triple offering set up with a unique belt, Leash of Oblation. This allows players to cap their spell block and block at 75, keeping in mind that this is a real block and not with glancing blows.


Players are also running Chaos Inoculation and have a decently high armour rating, as well as high physical damage reduction. This combination of defensive layers works well with the recover percentage of energy shield when you block mod on shields. Likewise, it also works well with the Aegis Aurora shield, but players will be missing some damage.


This might be the next step for players, figuring out a way to fit in a Mageblood plus Aegis Aurora for insane tankiness without losing too much damage. The new Crucible Tree passive is absolutely insane in terms of the combination of passive skill nodes players can get for this build.


Animated Guardian Setup

Players can use the Animated Guardian set up to boost the specters' damage while ensuring their own survivability. There are many animated guardian setups, ranging from budget to setups costing dozens of poe divines. Players can check out Animated Guardians guide, where he provides multiple options.


However, the setup that this build is using is a bit experimental. They are using the traditional endgame, Animated Guardian weapon, the Kingmaker, to boost the specters' damage and their own survivability, and the Clear Cast helmet to further boost their damage. For the chest piece, they are using a rare Explodey Chest. Then they also use Grapevine gloves and Legacy of Fury boots too.



The build can scale damage using a multi-link minion helmet and offers strong defensive mechanics with a triple offering setup and other defensive layers. The build also benefits from the use of an animated guardian setup to further boost its damage and survivability. If you are interested in playing this build, be sure to check out the author's PoB and join their Discord server for further discussion.

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