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4 Predictions Ahead of PoE 3.24 Necropolis Release

The whole community is agog with speculation as we near the 3.24 expansion of Path of Exile (POE) known as Necropolis. This has led to numerous theories popping up like mushrooms after a rainstorm following only a cryptic 30 second teaser from Grinding Gear Games. Let us look at four exciting predictions on what the gameplay could be like.



4 Predictions Ahead of PoE 3.24 Necropolis Release


Theory 1: Uber Party Extravaganza

Starting off, give way to the Uber party theory. Towards the end of that preview, we were shown historical bosses who might be the new Uber bosses. Betrayal's Karina, Sanctum's Liysa, Delve's K'ggle and Uul-Netol together with Amanamu from Abyssal all appear here The idea behind this is that these five could become another group of fresh Uber bosses that would add a high-stakes challenge to the main game.

PoE New Boss

This theory has so much appeal. These boss battles are already there with their moves and mechanics built in them. It is merely about adding some sprinkle of Uber spice – a few more modifiers that will turn those encounters truly into Ubers. Maybe each boss can have an apparition similar to Uber Atziri's one? The real puzzle here is how they could make such encounters consistently accessible more especially with randomly appearing Abyssal liches? Could it also be relating to a probable revamp of Uber invites? We shall see.


Theory 2: A Legacy League Reimagined

Secondly, we have Legacy League 2.0 or rather Necropolis concept in our list. In this case, imagine Necropolis as an infinite mega-dungeon which amalgamates past leagues into one large adventure. This could be abyss-themed wings with their special monsters and bosses as well as zones that resonate the themes of Sanctum, Scourge and others.


Here, Necropolis will be a way for Path of Exile to honor its rich history by gathering all content from the 3.0 era in one place. Considering that we are about to enter POE 2's closed beta, it would serve as a nice moment of reflection before commencing on new horizons.


Theory 3: Bestiary + Maven = Necropolis?

The third theory combines elements of Bestiary and Maven's Crucible. Think about capturing the corpses of defeated bosses and taking them back to your personal Necropolis. There you can revive them with enhanced necrotic powers for fighting again.


But there is a twist! You select your opponents; how many would you like to battle at ago & where should it happen? It is sort of Metamorph but with heroic boss-building – every POE boss lover's dream.


Theory 4: A Masterful Misdirection

Lastly, it is time we consider another possibility whereby everything discussed above was just misinterpreted or misunderstood. Could this teaser only be hinting at a rework in Betrayal rewards? Or mayhaps changes in Sanctum or Abyss? Grinding Gear Games love enigmatic teasers and they might just want to fiddle around with our minds.


Path of Exile 1: The Hype Continues

It goes without saying that POE 1 still has life left in it while waiting eagerly for POE 2. The introduction of the upcoming expansion titled Necropolis has sparked immense excitement as well as wild speculation among fans. When it comes out on March 29th I will jump right into the middle of things and stream the whole thing for the world to see.


Last but not least, keep in mind that such theories are just; they are what they claim to be. They also show our passion for Path of Exile and how we anticipate new releases. Sharpen your weapons, ready your spells and steady your nerves, the necropolis is coming. Tala Moana warriors!

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