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PoE 3.24 Firetrap & Explosive Trap Saboteur League Starter Build

It is that time of year again when we are all eagerly waiting for new leagues to start so that we can get our hands on the best starters. When you following an informative Firetrap guide together with doing everything else in your mind about loving fiery explosions, there could be no better day than today! Consequently, we will now jump right into details behind fire trap/explosive trap pairing which not only works properly but also provides fun while playing.


PoE 3.24 Firetrap & Explosive Trap Saboteur League Starter Build


Why go for Saboteur for Firetrap & Explosive Trap?

For traps and mines – it is perfectly compatible with saboteur class. With these nodes what they do is give us what amounts to a whole bunch of AoE bonuses across the board. And because of this AoE bonus our fire traps become huge infernoes over enemies making them stretch out in some cases far beyond the screen (albeit sometimes having that annoying visual bug which makes it look smaller than it is).


Even though a pesky visual bug may make the radius appear smaller than it actually exists; all your traps hit harder and wider than they seem.


Skill Breakdown: Firetrap & Explosive Trap

Its flat added damage scales with effectiveness modifier on added damage such that fire-trap PoE Fire Trap Gem becomes nothing less than explosive damage against burning enemies albeit its initial strike might appear weak until you ignite foes where they will eventually grow sensitive to further types of intensified damages.


Explosive trap PoE Explosive trap Gem has one major use – clearing rooms - thanks to its ridiculously big AOE among other things. Therefore, even without those AoE bonuses from Saboteur, it still has a massive area coverage. It could then be used to clear pretty packs at an impressive rate.


Gameplay Showcase

To show off its might let's take this build through a T16 map. In spite being level 84, it blows apart both bossees and packs with self-found gear. Clear speed and single target damage are both good enough to prove worth of this build even against high tier content.


However please note that this is pure aesthetics since the actual blast radius would extend across the whole intended area but without MTX these traps will not explode as they should.


Therefore our evasion, energy shield (EB), and mana regeneration shall maximize on trap potential. Saboteur also enhances our defenses by giving us ability to recover instantly after setting a trap.


Offensively, testing revealed no damage ceiling. Big blows were consistently dealt during throughout testing sessions.


Additional Tips

  • To unleash the maximum damage output of firetrap combustion support gem can be mandatory for ensuring enemies get ignited.
  • Sanctum runs may not be ideal for this build despite its effectiveness in most cases because your traps need time before becoming active.
  • Alternatively you can try other builds such as trickster and its ascendencies if what you want is greater consistency in terms of damage or focus only on Sanctum Runs alone.



This is a very strong choice for any league. It has the ability to run all map mods, making it an ideal choice for your league starter. However, in terms of visuals, it still needs some work especially when dealing with visual bugs but its raw power is undeniable. If you do not know anything about traps or want to start all over again as a seasoned trapper then this build should be at the back of your mind.


Thank you for taking this explosive ride with me! Until then, our fellow exiles keep safe and enjoy Wraeclast's chaos.


Main Lessons

  • Saboteur's AOE bonus range is where traps are most effective.
  • When a visual bug makes trap area look bigger, do not take that into account.
  • Go toward evasion and constant regeneration of mana for defense purposes.
  • Firetrap & Explosive Trap offers the best answers when clearing and single-targeting situations come up
  • The character construction allows players to choose any map mod they wish while progressing through leagues


Remember however that Path of Exile has many secrets and tricks which makes it a deep game. Keep on changing your plans throughout the league as you find new loot

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