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PoE Fire Trap of Blasting: Best Pick Builds | 3.24 League Starter

Do you have your gears ready? It's time to set Path of Exile on fire with a build whose heat level is more than that which can be generated by volcanic magma. With the criminally underrated Fire Trap of Blasting you'll hit it big in 3.24 League. And then let us dive into this explosive and offensive build that will leave your enemies cinders away.


PoE Fire Trap of Blasting: Best Pick Builds | 3.24 League Starter


When it made its debut to Poe, many of the exiles scoffed at Fire Trap Of Blasting because they felt that the Area Of Effect (AoE) was inadequate. But fret not! This was initially an illusionary issue only presented in form but not in substance as one could anticipate from such kind of trap.

The reach or impact? Let me tell you what it looks like.


Basics Of Fire Trap

It lays down the groundwork for incendiary excellence: damage over time admixture with direct damage forms a part of its repertoire. The regular Fire Trap already packs a punch with its base damage and bonus fire damage against burning enemies.


But when talking about Fire Trap Of Blasting, we are talking about serious heat scales:

  • Base Damage: Might seem cooler at first but do not be deceived.
  • Added Fire Damage Against Burning Enemies: This is where magic happens – and it does so in an enormous way through an impressive added damage effectiveness rating of 260%.
  • 50% Chance For An Additional Trigger: Remember that this isn't much more harm; it is rather maintaining fires alive even when you are avoiding death itself.

Fire Trap of Blasting can deal damage numbers that will have your enemies sweating – up to 40 million damage potential with basic gear and a few gems still below average!


Sunblast Belt

Now let's discuss one unique item, the Sunblast Belt. It's not just some fancy trinket but rather at the heart of what makes Fire Trap Of Blasting to be truly unique.

  • Tripple Damage: Who wouldn't want it?
  • Trading Off Utility: You'll need to find alternative ways to compensate for the loss of utility mods usually gained when traps are activated by enemies.
  • Trap Trigger Mechanism: With Sunblast enabled, traps will trigger after a short duration instead of being contacted by an enemy. Combine this with Saboteur's Chain Reaction ascendancy node and watch as your traps detonate all at once.


League Start Potential

Planning to start off the league with Fire Trap Of Blasting? You're on top! With some tweaking and testing, you can go through content faster.

Here's why it is a good pick for starting a new league:

  • Fast Progression: Endgame bosses are reachable within less than 9 hours using optimal set ups.
  • Flexibility: Tanky yet scorching 50-60m damage or fragile glass cannon who burns everything in its way (just don't get hit).
  • ZHP Bossing: Trappers tend to excel in no-hit-point bossing strategies hence they fare well on these high stakes encounters.


Gearing Up

Shall we talk business, Exile? And for our friend in burning flames, that means power charges. But you don't need to go broke or spend weeks praying:

  • Power Charge Gear: Look for gear that scales with power charges. This can take one week of grinding at most and you'll have them without fancy corruptions.
  • Jewels: A regular Militant Faith will solve everything. Do not think about the number; concentrate on resistances and area damage (Dominus is your go-to).
  • Crit Multi Jewels: Double crit multi with life as primary. One crit multi will do if currency is a problem early on.
  • Watcher's Eye: Even an average one with evade chance can be very effective. You have no need of mods that are out of reach, especially fancy ones.

And here's the thing – a helmet which blocks spell damage when stacked with power charges. It's a game-changer but it may not come easily when you start out. For now though, a crafted helmet offering resistances will ensure your head remains intact.


Mapping Example

Now let's jump into a Tier 16 Veritania map and watch our traps turn the battlefield into fireworks display. Here is what you get:

  • Delayed Gratification: Traps take slightly more time before they detonate but give quite a blow without any annoying backtracking.
  • Trust Your Traps: Toss them where they'll matter most. Enemies will just walk into their own deathtrap.
  • AOE Considerations: The blast radius isn't huge but it is big enough. Refine your playstyle to lure enemies to the trap zone.

Remember there should be another perspective that instead targeting foes directly, you predict their routes and let traps take care of them.


Path of Building

For those who like to plan ahead, Path of Building (PoB) comes in handy because it helps reveal the future. We have already prepared a simple layout for you, but don’t make it fixed yet—it is still in progress. You will find gear sets for both late-game ambitions and early struggles.

  • Early Gear Set: Jaws of Agony for power charge generation and Lightning Coil for gem color alignment.
  • Late Gear Set: Cloak of Flames for fire resistance and rare items to balance out those resistances.

We also drew some skill trees and gem setups. No notes or final touches yet, but if you are considering this build for league start, it’s enough to get you thinking.


PoB Link:



Are you new in the trap game or do you need something hot like fire? Look no further than Fire Trap of Blasting as your choice build in 3.24 League. It has high damage potential combined with unique mechanics that can take you from league start to endgame leaving a scorched earth path behind it.

Do not allow previous misjudgments to hinder your progress. Get the heat and put on that Sunblast Belt, Fire Trap of Blasting will show you its full explosive capability.

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