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PoE Crafting | Path of Exile Crafting Complete Guides

Hello fellow exiles. Are you ready to jump into the amazing world of Path of Exile crafting? Don't worry if this whole thing looks like a mystical enigma. We are here to break it down for you one step at a time. Crafting can be as simple as an upgrade to basic gear or a chance to produce top-tier items that are not restricted to only high level crafters. Begin small, practice and gradually grow your skills. Perhaps, you will be Wraeclast's next crafting hero.



Path of Exile Crafting Complete Guide


  1. Crafting Basics: Crafting is a cornerstone of Path of Exile, the game where you can increase your item's damage or defense using orbs. It is not optional; it is needed.
  2. Getting Started: Want to get more than just the basic knowledge? Then read on about PoE's layered crafting system. Reset stats, target mods and slowly develop.
  3. Advancing Skills: Want to get more than just the basic knowledge? Then read on about PoE's layered crafting system. Reset stats, target mods and slowly develop.


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Basic Currency Crafting

It's worth mentioning that the currency in Path of Exile doesn't serve as a mean for trading only- it serves as the bedrock for crafting. Each of PoE's currency items has its own special power to modify and improve gears. From basic transmutations to more complex alterations, these items influence your gears and hence your experience through playing.

Path of Exile Basic Currency Craft


  • The Basics: Item Rarity and Modifiers
  • There are generally three main types of items in Path of exile; normal (white), magic (blue) and rare (yellow). Here are what they mean:
    • Normal (White): Items without modifiers
    • Magic (Blue): Items without modifiers
    • Rare (Yellow): They could have up to three prefixes and three suffixes


How to Start Crafting?

  • Transmutation: This will transform a white item into blue increasing its chance to have one prefix or one suffix.
  • Augmentation: For magic items that lack either a prefix or a suffix, add another modifier.
  • Alteration: For magic items that lack either a prefix or a suffix, add another modifier.
  • Regal Orb: This will change a magic item into rare one by adding random prefix/suffixes.


Mod Descriptions:

Activate "Advanced Mod Descriptions" in settings under the UI category. You'll then be able to see more details like which modifiers are prefixes and suffixes as well as their tiers.

  • Exalted Orbs: These add either a suffix or a prefix to rare items, but they are very rare. Use them sparingly! This orb is used for crafting high-tier items, but it is also valuable for trading.
  • Orbs of Scouring: The orb of scouring undoes all the changes that were made on an item making it white again. A nice reset button in crafting, especially when things go wrong.
  • Orb of Alchemy: Once you've acquired an Orb of Alchemy, you can turn a white item into a rare item with random modifiers. The simplest way to craft beginning a rare item.
  • Implicit Modifiers: Every item has one "implicit" modifier which is separate from the prefixes and suffixes. It can be rerolled with Blessed Orbs


Socket Crafting:


The Exciting World of Corruptions:

A Vaal Orb corrupts an item, modifying it in unpredictable ways. It can change implicit modifiers or reroll the item entirely. But remember, once corrupted, an item can't be modified further (with few exceptions).


Orb Annulment and Chance Orbs:

  • Vaal Orb corrupts an item that changes its properties in unpredictable ways. It can change implicit modifiers or reroll the whole thing entirely. But remember, once an item is corrupted it cannot be altered further (with few exceptions).
  • Orb of Annulment: This removes a randomly selected mod. Watch out though as this is quite risky if you're not careful.
  • Orb of Chance: Transforms an ordinary into any other type of rarity including unique. That's what they call it PoE lottery crafting.



Item Base Crafting

The item base is Path of Exile's equivalent of the currency you use to craft. Each item base has specific attributes, which influence the crafting process, for instance this simple Carved Wand from Act 1 we have used as our example. Hence, let us go to the core of what constitutes an item base.

Path of Exile Base Items


Crafting is a blend of knowledge and strategy with a bit of luck. Knowing your item base is the first step in crafting gear that can improve your gameplay in Path of Exile.


What Makes Up an Item Base?

  • Item Class: Wands, swords, etc. are examples of these categories.
  • Rarity: The amount of modifiers an item can have (Normal, Magic or Rare).
  • Base Type: This determines the implicit modifiers (see Carved Wand on its page for more information on this).
  • Item Level: It is crucial in crafting as it determines your pool of potential modifiers.


Item Level:

  • Item level forms the backbone of crafting in Path of Exile.
  • It restricts the possible range for modifiers (prefixes and suffixes) that can appear on an item.
  • Higher item level means access to more powerful modifiers but also a larger pool making it harder to hit specific mods when you're aiming for something particular.


Visualizing the Crafting Pool:

Imagine a pool filled with mods that has been defined by the item level. When crafting you are scooping out mods from this pool into your items' prefix and suffix slots.


Item Base Crafting Strategies:

  • Take it from Normal to Rare using Orbs of Transmutation, Alteration and Regal Orbs
  • Orb of Annulment risks removing a random mod but still leaves rarity untouched
  • Orb of Chance is difficult to predict; it changes normal items into any rarity up to unique
  • Exalted Orbs add one Random Modifier to rare items; so be careful with their use because they really count.


Weights and Modifier Groups:

  • Weight is a modifier variable that determines how likely it will be to appear in the crafting recipe.
  • Crafting strategies are guided by groups of modifiers that prevent certain combinations from occurring together.


Item Crafting Example:

Let's take our Carved Wand:

  • Starting Point: A Normal rarity, item level 13 Carved Wand.
  • Crafting Goal: Understand the item's constraints and aim for specific mods.
  • Modifier Influence: We know what modifiers this wand might have due to its item level.


Advanced Item Base Crafting Tips:

  • Craft of Exile is a tool that helps you work out what you can expect and strategize your craft
  • Chromatic Orbs are used to change the colour of socket links depending on an item's stat requirements
  • Quality improvements- using Blacksmith's Whetstones or Armorer's Scraps can improve an items base stats



 Bench Crafting

The Crafting Bench is a unique feature in Path of Exile, which isn't powered directly by basic currency like Orbs. Starting with this where many players begin their crafting careers, setting up for more complex and exciting crafting experiences. Just think of it as a special place where you can put some crafted mods onto your items thereby making them even better!

Paht of Exile Bench


How Does It Work?

  • Accessing the Bench: Find it in your hideout. It's like your crafting command center.
  • Crafting on a White Item: If you are making anything on a normal (white) item, then it becomes magical (blue). Cool huh?


Master Crafted Modifiers:

  • Crafting bench or master crafted modifiers are colored light blue.
  • Hold 'Alt' to see it's a crafted prefix or suffix. Also, note that these crafted mods are following item crafting conventions.


Crafting Resistances:

  • At the beginning of the game (Acts 1-3 for instance), crafting bench will save you from death when you get into a resistance jam.
  • Got an item with an open suffix? Slap on some resistance!
  • The cost could be as little as transmute or as high as scouring orb depending on the mod.


The Cost of Crafting:

  • Crafting costs are not fixed. Some of the advanced mods could go up to two Exalted Orbs!
  • The bench just lets you know how much it will cost and there is no need to freak out about it.


Why Use the Crafting Bench?

  • It is how you quickly make better gear while leveling.
  • Unlike random currency crafting, you can control exactly what mods you add in.
  • If you don't do hardcore crafting, using this bench makes you a crafter at heart!


Mod Groups

  • Occasionally, you might get a message saying This item already has a mod of this type.
  • This is because of mod groups. Every mod is part of a group; hence there can't be any overlapping mods from the same group.
  • Look into tools like Craft of Exile for more details about these groups.



Essence Crafting 

Essence is like having a secret crafting tool up your sleeve. It's fun, effective, and can elevate your gear game significantly. Don't be shy to experiment with different essences and see how they can transform your items.

Path of Exile Essence


  • Essence Basics: It's more than just alchemy or chaos orbs. Essences guarantee a specific property on an item, making them super handy for targeted crafting.
  • Using Essences: When you slap an essence onto an item, it re-rolls it but locks in one special modifier. It's like hitting a mini-jackpot every time!
  • Choosing the Right Essence: Essences come in various tiers, each offering different levels of power. For instance, a Deafening Essence of Greed guarantees that juicy high-tier life modifier you're hunting for.
  • The Essence Hierarchy: Lower-tier essences upgrade normal items to rare with one guaranteed mod. Higher-tier ones, like Deafening, offer more oomph and aren't restricted by item level.
  • Essence Crafting in Action: Let's say you want to craft a wand with life leech. Use a suitable essence, and bam! You get a rare item with your desired mod. It's like magic!


Advanced Essences:

  • Special Essences: Scorn, Envy, Misery, and Dread can be transformed using a Remnant of Corruption. These produce unique essences like Horror, Delirium, Hysteria, and Insanity.
  • Unique Modifiers: These special essences grant unique mods like "Socketed Gems Deal 30% More Elemental Damage" or "Cast Level 20 Fire Burst on Hit." Perfect for building around specific mechanics!


How to Use Essences Effectively?

  • Essence as a Starting Point: Always start your crafting journey with an essence. Remember, it re-rolls the item!
  • Targeted Crafting: Need a specific mod like high life on a helmet? Pick the right essence and craft away.
  • Understanding Essence Tiers: Essence tiers are unique, not the usual tier 1, 2, 3, etc. They're labeled as essence-tier in item descriptions.


Essence Crafting Tips and Tricks:

  • Making Money with Essences: Those fancy essences? They're not just cool for crafting; they can also fetch a pretty penny in the game's market.
  • Reverse Engineering Crafts: By checking an item's mods, you can tell if it was started with essence crafting. A handy trick for the curious crafters!



Fossil Crafting

Fossil crafting in Path of Exile isn't just about luck; it's about strategy, knowing your modifiers, and playing the crafting game smartly. So grab some fossils, experiment with different combinations and see how they can revolutionize your gear.

Path of Exile Fossil


What Are Fossils, Anyway?

  • Fossil Basics: Think of fossils as Chaos Orbs with a twist. They re-roll items but with a unique touch - they tweak the modifier pool. Some fossils increase the chance of certain mods while others block them entirely.
  • Modifying the Pool: Each fossil has its tags that influence the item's modifiers. For instance, a Jagged Fossil boosts physical mods but blocks chaos mods.
  • Socketing Fossils in Resonators: Here's where it gets spicy! You can mix and match up to four fossils in resonators each affecting item differently. This lets you fine-tune the crafting process to target specific mods.
  • Costs and Resonator Types: Starting from a single chaos for basic resonators, cost can shoot up especially for four-socket ones. However, a well-combined set of fossils could nearly guarantee your desired outcome in one go!
  • Fossil Crafting in Action: Suppose you are looking for fire mods. Simply put a Scorched Fossil into a resonator and use that on a yellow item and then, voila - fire mods galore without any cold mods.


Special Fossils:

  • Unique Fossils: Essences such as Horror, Delirium, Hysteria, and Insanity provide unique crafting opportunities. These are gotten from using Remnant of Corruption upon some specific essences found in the wild.
  • Build-Defining Mods: Some fossils can add game-changing mods like "Cast Level 20 Fire Burst on Hit." For those with specific builds, these are just the go-to items.


How to Use Fossils Effectively?

  • Unique Fossils: Essences such as Horror, Delirium, Hysteria, and Insanity provide unique crafting opportunities. These are gotten from using Remnant of Corruption upon some specific essences found in the wild.
  • Build-Defining Mods: Some fossils can add game-changing mods like "Cast Level 20 Fire Burst on Hit." For those with specific builds, these are just the go-to items.


Fossil Crafting Tips and Tricks:

  • Unique Fossils: Essences such as Horror, Delirium, Hysteria, and Insanity provide unique crafting opportunities. These are gotten from using Remnant of Corruption upon some specific essences found in the wild.
  • Build-Defining Mods: Some fossils can add game-changing mods like "Cast Level 20 Fire Burst on Hit." For those with specific builds, these are just the go-to items.



Catalyst Crafting

Catalysts might not seem flashy but Path of Exile would be incomplete without them because they help fine-tune jewelry. Whether you’re trying to up those unique ring stats or aim at certain mods during the crafting process, these little gems can make the difference.

Path of Exile Catalyst


Catalysts 101:

  • What Are Catalysts? Think of them as jewelry seasoning – rings, amulets or belts only. Each catalyst type targets specific modifiers, enhancing them by adding quality.
  • Quality and Modifier Enhancement: This means that applying a catalyst will boost the existing modifiers. For example, if you have chaos damage on your amulet, applying proper catalyst will enhance it. It's like turning that 15-22 chaos damage into an 18-26 powerhouse!
  • Mutual Exclusivity: Changing one catalyst type for another? The new one replaces the old; just like changing herbs in a recipe. But keep in mind, different catalysts enhance different attributes so consider your options!
  • Crafting with Catalysts: When you are augmenting or annulling, these babies come in handy. They increase chances of adding or keeping the boosted modifiers. Imagine you're augmenting a ring with attribute modifiers – use of catalyst will sway scales towards adding another attribute mod.
  • Using Catalysts Efficiently: In case you have a single open suffix in your ring; boosting attribute mods through catalyst makes it more likely to get another attribute modifier when augmented. Nevertheless, it is not definite – only likely.
  • Annulments and Catalysts: Annuling right? Also, using a Catalyst makes it less probable to lose the enhanced mods made. It's like having a safety net while walking a crafting tightrope.


Catalysts Crafting Tips and Tricks:

  • Pre-Crafting Prep: Before beginning to craft, take into account using some catalysts. For instance if you want to put life or mana mods on items like rings then fertile catalysts can help much.
  • Targeting Specific Mods: If you know you'll be exalting or annuling, preparing with certain types of these items could be vital (it's just like when a chef uses spices to guide flavor).
  • Regal Orbs and Catalysts: Similarly, Regal orbs will add a similar type of modifier to the item when used on an item with catalyst quality, thus converting some of the quality of the item.



Bestiary Crafting

Bestiary crafting can look intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of it, it can be a really powerful tool in your crafting arsenal. So next time you feel like chaos spamming, remember – the Menagerie might have a better solution.

Path of Exile Bestiary Crafting


The Bestiary:

  • Flask Crafting: One of the most common but highly significant Bestiary crafts out there is adding suffixes to flasks. Just imagine how easy it is to make an anti-freeze powerhouse from simple flask with just a few clicks in Menagerie. It's perfect for leveling up and makes travel smoother.
  • Suffix-Prefix Swapping: The Ferric Lynx Alpha and Ferric Wolf Alpha beasts have a neat trick – they can swap suffixes with prefixes as well as vice versa. It's a bit like playing a card game where you can exchange a card in your hand for a potentially better one from the deck.
  • Imprinting Magic Items: This one's game-changing. You can capture and use Craicic Chimeral to create an imprint of magic item. After further crafting attempts, this acts as if it were snapshot that allows you to revert item back into this state. It's like having save point while journeying through crafting.
  • Splitting Items: Here's where things get nuts. By using Fenemal Plagued Arachnid, you can split an item into two items with half mods each. Great way to duplicate a valuable item though split items cannot be split again. Think of it as cloning your favorite gear.
  • Other Notable Beasts: Don't forget there are other craft options within the Menagerie itself; we're not talking about anything else here! There is wide range of beasts which vary from rerolling mod values to adding specific modifiers hence catering for many crafting needs.


Practical Uses of Bestiary Crafting:

  • Crafting Flasks: Perfect for early-game crafting when you need specific flask mods to stay alive.
  • Advanced Item Crafting: Utilize the suffix-prefix swap to refine high-value items without risking the loss of crucial mods.
  • Creating Imprints: Ideal for high-stakes crafting, where you don't want to lose a rare mod you've worked hard to get.
  • Splitting Items: Best for duplicating items with desirable mods, effectively doubling your crafting output.


Bestiary Crafting Tips and Tricks:

  • Menagerie Visits: Make sure that at least once in a while you visit Menagerie. It may bring up some craft options that you never knew existed.
  • Imprinting Strategy: If there is a difficult-to-get mod that you are aiming for, then it would be wise to save time and resources by imprinted one.
  • Using Split Items: Got a great item? Split it and either craft further or sell for a good profit.



Influence Crafting

Influence crafting is where the big bucks are at; sometimes, taking risks can pay off in a big way. It's like strategy plus knowledge plus luck. We're talking about Synthesized, Fractured, and Influence items – the trio that can make or break your crafting dreams. So let's break down what it all means without breaking the bank (hopefully!).

Path of Exile Influence Crafting


  • Influence Basics: When you see those snazzy wings or lightning icons on your gear, congrats, you've got an influenced item! This simply means your item's mod pool just got deeper, with some really juicy mods exclusive to that particular influence.
  • Conqueror Exalts: Want to add some specific influence to your item? Use a Conqueror's Exalted Orb. But remember, it only works on items without existing influence. It's like adding a spicy flavor to your crafting recipe, but only if the dish is still plain.
  • Synthesized and Fractured Items: These are unique in their own right. Synthesized items come with new base implicit mods, while Fractured items have a mod locked in forever. It's like having a secret ingredient that never changes, no matter how much you cook it.
  • Combining Influences: Feeling adventurous? Use an Awakener's Orb to merge two different influences into one item. This is high-stakes crafting – you might end up with a masterpiece or a dud.
  • Maven's Orb: The Maven's Orb is like a turbo booster for your influenced items. It can elevate a good mod to a great one. But it's a gamble – sometimes you boost the wrong mod, and there go your precious Exalts.


Crafting with Influence:

  • Start Simple: If you are new to working with influence, try adding an influence on a non-influenced item using Conqueror's Exalted orb. This expands the pool of possible mods on your item and gives a hint of its potential.
  • Focus on What Matters: When using the Maven's Orb, target the mod that needs to be elevated. It might seem similar darts – it should be thrown very carefully at the bullseye.
  • Awaken Your Gear: Want something new? Mix two influences by using an Awakener's Orb. But brace yourself, this is going to be wild. You will keep one mod from each item but for others – it's all up to chance.
  • Imprint Before You Leap: Consider making an imprint if you are combining something valuable. This way if things go badly after merging, you can still step back.
  • Plan and Prepare: Influence crafting is not for the faint-hearted or the light-pocketed. Plan your moves, understand the consequences, and don't mind making mistakes.


Pro Tips for Influence Crafting:

  • Know Your Mods: Before diving in, understand what mods each influence can bring to the table. It helps to know what you are aiming for.
  • Quality Matters: While adding new mods into influenced jewelry use catalysts to increase your chances of hitting the mods you want.
  • Keep an Eye on Your Wallet: Remember this kind of crafting can be costly. Don't engage if you don't have Exalts to spend.




Metacrafting in Path of Exile takes a balance of knowledge, strategy and a little luck. The prices involved are high but winning is everything. So if you are ready for a step up in crafting then metacrafting should be given a try at least once. 

Path of Exile Metacrafting


What is Metacrafting?

Being a master chef in a gourmet kitchen is like metacrafting in Path of Exile. You have your basic ingredients (your item and currency), but Metacrafting spices things up allowing for more complex and targeted item enhancements.


Key Components of Metacrafting:

  • Crafting Bench Mods: At the core of Metacrafting there are special mods available at crafting bench such as "Prefixes Cannot Be Changed" or "Cannot Roll Attack Modifiers". These meths will change how other methods work on that item.
  • These special mods can protect certain aspects of your item while you reroll or add new mods. For example, using "Prefixes Cannot Be Changed" and then scouring an item will only remove the suffixes, leaving the prefixes intact.
  • Setting Up for Success: A common strategy involves filling up certain mod slots (like all suffixes) and then using a Metacrafting mod to target the remaining open slots. This way, you can make educated gambles on what new mods will appear.
  • Cost of Crafting: Keep in mind, Metacrafting is not for the faint of heart (or wallet). Using these techniques can cost a significant amount of exalts, so it's best ventured when you're ready to invest heavily.


Metacrafting Strategies:

  • Combining Mods: Mix "Can Have Three Crafted Modifiers" with other Metacrafting mods for complex builds – this opens up alternative paths for crafting and honing in on the ideal item.
  • Targeting Specific Mods: Use "Cannot Roll Attack/Caster Modifiers" to stop dealing with certain types of mods entirely – this is particularly useful when trying to avoid some unwanted mods during exalting or rerolling.
  • The Bow Crafting Trick: Unique interactions can occur when crafting bows. If you have a bow that has open prefixes and filled suffixes, rolling "Cannot Roll Attack Modifiers" followed by using an Exalted Orb results in gaining the Paragon's mod (+1 level of socketed gems) because it is the only non-attack prefix possible for bows.
  • Resource Management: Always keep an eye on your resources. This is because metacrafting may gulp down lots of high-value currency, hence it turns out being a high-risk/high-reward game.


Learning Metacrafting:

  • Study and Research: Watch tutorials from experienced crafters like Elishar. Understanding their strategies provides valuable insights.
  • Community Engagement: Engage with the PoE crafting community. Discussing with fellow crafters can offer new perspectives and tips.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Experiment with lower-cost crafts to get a feel for Metacrafting before diving into more expensive endeavors.



Harvest Crafting

Harvest Craft seems like a maze at first sight, but once you get the hang of the basics, it becomes an incredibly strong tool in your arsenal in Path Of Exile. Harvest has something for every player who wants to optimize their resistances or aim for perfect mod combination.

Path of Exile Harvest Crafting


What's Harvest Crafting All About?

  • Harvest Basics: It is like a gardener's dream mixed with monster hunting. You get a Harvest on your map, kill some garden-dwelling monsters and voila, you have a set of cool crafts.
  • Craft Storage: Store these in your Harvest Crafting Station for when you feel crafty. Nice, right?
  • The Power and the Nerfs: Initially, Harvest was like the golden goose of crafting – add this, remove that, easy peasy. But as with all good things, it got nerfed. Now, it is more about smart moves with what you already have.
  • Key Crafts and Their Uses:
    • Augment and Remove Crafts: These are rare but golden. Do you want to add a fire mod? Done! How about removing one?
    • Reforge Crafts: Daily bread of Harvest. It's like a chaos orb but with some difference. You can even aim at particular mod groups (e.g. fire or crit) to increase probability of getting something desired.
    • Reforge Plus: This one guarantees an additional roll on any given mod.
    • Advanced Strategies: Combining Harvest crafts with meta-mods (like Prefixes Cannot Be Changed) opens up completely new ways of creating things.

Common and Uncommon Harvest Crafts:

  • Change Resistance Types: Easy way to tweak gear-resistances.
  • Enchant Quality on Armor/Weapons: For instance, swap the physical damage to spell damage on wands while changing quality there.
  • Reroll Numeric Values: More or less a free Divine Orb – great for making perfect stats.

Reroll Numeric Values: A free Divine Orb essentially; great for perfecting those stats.


Harvest and Metacrafting:

The Real Magic: The most serious crafters play with Harvest crafting and meta-mods in combination. It's like having a cheat sheet for crafting, but it's all about knowing where and how to use these.


Tips for Harvest Newbies:

  • Start Simple: Don't dive into the deep end too soon. Start by getting comfortable with basic reforge crafts.
  • Research is Key: Read the wiki, watch some tutorials (shoutout to Elishar!) or any other information that can be absorbed.
  • Plan Ahead: Harvest crafting has been known to drain your resources. So better know what you want before you throw random crafts at your gear.



Veiled Mods Crafting

Veiled mods in Path of Exile are like hidden treasures during your crafting journey. You could add powerful and unique mods to your gear with Veiled Chaos Orb and strategic planning. Plus, Ashling always got her special slam for you. Therefore, if next time you will be in Betrayal League or just hanging around at hideout, try them out.

Path of Exile Veiled Mods Crafting


What Are Veiled Mods?

  • Veiled Basics: These mods have been lurking around since the Betrayal league until they were given a facelift in patch 3.14 Ultimatum, and boy do they look better than ever now!
  • The Old vs. New: Before, unveiling mods from Betrayal loot gave you same-tier mods that could be crafted on your bench. Now, it's like taking crafting steroids – they're stronger, better and more different from each other!


How to Snag These Bad Boys?

  • Veiled Chaos Orb: Think of it as a veil on a chaos orb; it rerolls your item but guarantees a veiled mod from Jun's secret stash.These are sometimes unique type of mod that cannot be found anywhere else among others.
  • Ashling in Research Safehouse: Do you have Ashling at level three in your safehouse? After defeating Katarina, you will get a veiled mod from her, maybe two if luck is on your side.


How to Crafting with Veiled Mods?

  • The Process: Use a veiled chaos orb for a full reforge plus a veiled mod. If you want a specific type (prefix or suffix), unveil it, and if you don't like it, just remove it as the crafted mod.
  • Permanent Fixture: Once you unveil and choose a mod, it becomes a permanent part of your item – no take backs!


Extra Tips and Tricks:

  • Special Finds: Some veiled mods are really gems like those that give charges or have hybrid resistances. Please watch out for them.
  • Ashling's Slam: This method can create unique rings and other items with rare combinations. But remember, no unveiled or crafted mods on the item prior.
  • Veiled and Meta Mods Combo: Additionally, combine meta-crafting techniques with veiled mods for even greater control over where your item ends up.



Closing Thoughts

Geez folks, haven't we been on an epic crafting journey together? We hope that we have broken down the complexities of Path of Exile crafting into bite-sized morsels. Our goal was to write a guide that could turn crafting newbies into savvy artisans or at least not freak them out with too many technical terms.


The PoE crafting guide we hope ignites a crafting fire in more of you out there. It's not only great for personal progress; it enriches the whole PoE community and market as well. More crafters mean more cool items floating around, and that is a win for everyone.

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