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PoE 3.23 Strength Stacking Items Crafting Guide

Hello, fellow exiles! In this crafting guide, we will examine how to craft the different items needed for a strength stacking build in Path of Exile 3.23. Let's talk about how to make Synthesis Amulet, Simplex Amulet, Starter Claw and Very Expensive Synthesis Claw.


PoE 3.23 Strength Stacking Items Crafting Guide


Budget & Expensive Helms

As far as crafting helmets for strength stacking builds are concerned Lion Pelt and Blizzard Crown are two variations that can be considered. The crafting method is same for both so choose the base according to your playstyle. Blizzard Crown if you're using Original Sin (to use the added cold damage) . Here's what goes on during each step of crafting:

  1. Begin with an item level 82 Lion Pelt or Blizzard Crown with Warlord influence.
  2. Use Defining Essences of Rage to guarantee strength roll on the helmet.
  3. Roll for "gain accuracy rating equal to your strength" using strength Essences until you hit the desired mod with an open suffix.
  4. Whenever a third suffix appears, remove it via an Eldritch Orb of Annulment
  5. Craft "suffixes cannot be changed" at the bench, then reforge crits as a suffix for guaranteed crit multi.
  6. Use Orb of Dominance to incrementally improve the accuracy rating while downgrading crit multi.
  7. Rise up the accuracy rating through repetition of this process.
  8. Add "physical damage taken as fire" in order to finalize this craft at the crafting bench.


Cheap Starter Ring

Building a cheap ring for your stacker is easy enough when you know what you're doing. It should have a fractured chaos resistance ring with critical strike multiplier Essence, tier one strength roll and high life roll. Go for an item level 82 or higher so that you can roll tier one strength easily enough; here is how to make it:

  1. Use Shrieking or Defining Essences for tier one strength on the fractured chaos resistance ring.
  2. After getting the desired mods, use Eldritch Orb of Annulment to get rid of unwanted prefixes.
  3. Craft "suffixes cannot be changed" at the bench and scour the ring to make it blank again.
  4. Optionally, craft Mana onto the ring and use two Exalted Orbs to fish for a high life roll.


Expensive Synthesis Ring

For those who are looking for a top-end synthesis ring, go with 6% increased strength base without any fractured mod. This is a meticulous process that requires significant investment when crafting this ring Here's a summary of what goes on during each step of crafting:

  1. Get an item level 82 or higher ring and roll tier one strength using Essences.
  2. Make sure that the ring has clean suffixes and an open prefix.
  3. Augment chaos at harvest bench for chaos resistance while targeting tier three or higher.
  4. Modify the rings prefixes until you have your desired mods using Exalted Orbs.
  5. In case need be, consider removing unwanted mods using Orb of Annulment.
  6. Craft Mana onto the ring and double Exalt to fish for a high life roll.
  7. Finish by adding non-channeling skills as a suffix.



Creating gloves for a strength stacking build entails getting fractured spell suppression or fractured attack speed and augmenting remaining mods with strength Essences. It also involves using Eldritch Orbs to finish up good prefixes and crafting missing ones. Below is a breakdown of how to craft these crucial gloves:

  1. Obtain an item level 85 pair of Slink Gloves with either fractured spell suppression or fractured attack speed.
  2. Utilize Defining Essences to roll for the missing mod (spell suppression or attack speed) on the gloves.
  3. Influence the gloves with an Ember so that they have searing exarch influence.
  4. Re-roll the prefixes of the gloves using Eldritch Orbs until you have desirable mods.
  5. If need be, consider making use of an Orb of Annulment in order to remove any unwanted mods.
  6. Enhance the implicit searing exarch on the gloves using Grand Embers.
  7. Craft perfect spell suppression as an implicit with exceptional Embers and Orbs of Conflict.


Synthesis Amulet

Crafting a Synthesis Amulet has its own way it follows. Here is how you can create by step through the synthesis journey:

  • Essence Spamming: Beginning with spamming crit multi essences until you hit tier one strength open suffix item level 85 slink glove
  • Augment Chaos: Rerolling a good life roll using exalted orb before finishing off with crafted non-channeling
  • Item Level 82+: An amulet with at least item level 82
  • Augment Chaos Again: If necessary repeat this process until certain chaos resistance roll is obtained
  • Craft Flat Mana: Block all Mana mods by flat Mana craft onto amulet
  • Exalted Orbs: Use two orbs to get high life roll possible
  • Finish With Non-Channeling: Craft non-channeling onto the amulet.


Simplex Amulet

Crafting a Simplex Amulet could prove expensive but the outcome is definitely worth it. Here’s what to do when crafting a Simplex Amulet:

  • Acquire the Base: Buy a base Simplex amulet with strength and no-channeling and percent strength.
  • Item Level 83+: An amulet with at least item level 83
  • Essence of Rage: Keep using Deafening Essences of Rage until you reach tier one warlord percent strength
  • Augment Crits: Use a veiled chaos orb to weapons penetrate chaos resistance roll
  • Finish with Hybrid Craft : Complete the crafting process with crit and strength hybrid craft


Starter Claw

Crafting a claw for your strength stacking build involves several steps. Here's how to craft a cheap claw for starters:

  • Imperial Claw Base: Attack speed fractured imperial claw base.
  • Essence Of Woe: Ensure that it is only Essence of Woe that will be used in order to obtain spell damage and flat chaos damage roll.
  • Veiled Chaos Orb: Weapons penetrate chaos resistance roll via veiled chaos orb use.
  • Augment Crits: Hope for the weapons penetrate chaos resistance roll by way of veiled chaos orb.
  • Hybrid Craft: Finish off with crit and strength hybrid craft.


Very Expensive Synthesis Claw

Creating an extremely expensive synthesis claw is demanding both in terms of complexity and cost. Here is an elaborate guide on how to go about this delicate crafting process:

  • Base Selection: Choose synth claw with fire damage to attacks implicit. 
  • Item Level: Choose what is suitable for you.
  • Anguish Positions: With the help of Essences of Anguish, you can get spell damage and roll on lightning damage.
  • Veiled Chaos Orb: Apply a hidden chaos orb to go for the chaos resistance penetrate roll.
  • Augment Critical: Use augment critical to go for critical strike multiplier.
  • Add Remove Speed: Try adding and removing speed to hit the desired attack speed roll.
  • Hybrid Craft: Finish with a strength and intelligence hybrid craft.


Outro & Final Thoughts

Crafting items for strength stacking build in Path of Exile is a challenging task that will surely pay off in the end. By learning and following these step by step crafting methods outlined here, your gear will be better than ever before, enabling you to take your build further than you thought possible. In the realm of item crafting, patience and persistence are eternal virtues.

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