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PoE 3.23 Simplex and Focused Amulets Guide: How to Crafting?

Hi, Exiles! Do you want to delve into the occult art of amulet making in PoE 3.23 latest update? Then this is your lucky day if you have been farming for that BiS gear. We are going to demystify how to make Simplex Amulet and Focused Amulet, so you can save those hard-earned mirrors for other upgrades.



PoE 3.23 Simplex and Focused Amulets Guide: How to Crafting?


Methodology Madness

Creating these necklaces is like alchemy—it is part science and part magic. Let’s take a closer look at two ways to obtain that magic base with your preferred modifier:

  • Split Beast Method: This classic approach with a dash of RNG; split your amulet using a Beastcraft and hope they land where you want them. Pro-tip: start with one prefix and one suffix only to minimize the risk.
  • Annulment Ordeal: The gambler's way—base chaos spam, use essence or fossil crafting then annul everything except for your chosen mod. At single affix, apply "Prefixes/Suffixes Cannot Be Changed" and scour till you get magic base.


Crafting Steps Simplified

  • Rolling Your Base: Unworthy bases can be altar-spammed, but not these ones; begin from white color up.
  • Imprinting Intricacies: Imprint crafting? No bench mods while magic are present here. Regal correctly after imprinting so that only mods you need remain.
  • Focused Amulet Crafting: Begin by isolating +1 all gems for aim of +4 gems mod. Then imprint, regal and annul accordingly. Use Harvest crafts to add that sweet +4 prefix.
  • Simplex Strength Stacking: The Shaper influence is the main thing here. Chaos spam to get a higher attribute and then annul to have a magic base. Imprint galore as you awaken and refine with Warlord mods.


Cost-Effective Crafting

It doesn't take an arm and a leg; or even require a mirror to craft such amulets. You can come up with gear worth a mirror by using these techniques.


Crafting Example: The Fizz Multi Amulet

Let's create a Hunter influenced Focused Amulet with +44% Fizz Multi. Start off with an uninfluenced base and roll +1 all gems. Isolate, imprint, regal and annul until you have the perfect rare amulet like this one. After that use "Cannot Roll Attack Mods" (bench) and Harvest add/remove for those juicy prefixes.


For suffixes, it is like hunter slam fest—aim for T1 Fizz Multi. And if luck is not your cup of tea go grab some Horticrafting stations until you are satisfied.


Last Thoughts

PoE crafting is an adventure which tries the patience of players as well as their skill and luck. You now have everything you need to know about Simplex and Focused Amulets in this guide for pros only. Therefore find more details from updated Wiki for easy referencing as well as trying out new things.

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