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Path of Exile (PoE) Essence Crafting Guide: Expert Tips and Strategies

If you've been roaming through the dangerous realms of Wraeclast and wish to improve your gear, then this guide is meant for you. Essence Crafting is a very powerful Path of Exile (PoE) tool that can take your character to new levels. With a little bit of strategy and some luck, you are able to get items that will give the best ones. 



Path of Exile (PoE) Essence Crafting Guide: Expert Tips and Strategies


What Are Essences?

When essences are used in crafting, they become a kind of PoE currency item that add guaranteed properties on an item. They are available in various stages as well as types with each offering distinct modifiers to gear. The most influential include "Deafening Essences" which have high-level attributes and can be transformative for any builds.


Essences Using Basics 

  1. Select Your Target Item: This could be a weapon or armor or accessory that you want to enhance.
  2. Choose Your Essence: Depending on your desired outcome, pick an essence for adding appropriate mods.
  3. Apply the Essence: To add seasoned stats onto the item use essences.
  4. Augment and Refine: Use other crafting methods like Orbs of Alteration after the essence application to fine tune it more.


Essence Crafting Basics

But before we begin learning about specific essences and techniques involved, let's first set some background information here. Essence crafting involves using essences on gear to add guaranteed mods on them; it is also an excellent way of tailoring equipment exactly how your build requires them to be made. Here's a quick rundown:

  • Essence Types: From common scorn, envy, misery and dread to rare corrupted essences like insanity horror delirium hysteria – each essence has unique mods added by them.
  • Essence Tiers: These come in different tiers with higher tiers granting more potent effects.
  • Corrupted Essences: These are special and much rarer. they offer powerful crafting options but at a higher cost and risk.


Most Sough After Essences

When used, essences are potent crafting materials imbuing items with specific modifiers thus turning ordinary gear into exceptional ones. Here is how to use some of the most sought-after Essences:

  • Essence of Greed: Used mainly to add maximum life to armors. It can be combined with a fractured resistance base. Apply the essence and aim for more desirable suffixes.
  • Essence of Contempt: Good for weapons especially the ones that require flat physical damage. It should be applied on a fractured attack speed or physical damage modifier based base.
  • Essence of Hatred/Anger/Wrath: Elemental damage on weapons and tier one resistance on other items. They perform greatly on bows and belts if you use Prismatic Catalyst on belts for enhanced quality then roll high-tier resistances.
  • Essence of Woe: This essence amplifies spell damage in wands as well as scepters used by casters. Additionally, consider sorcerer gloves which have 100% energy shield inherent.
  • Essence of Fear: Formerly popular in crafting righteous fire sceptres it is now better used in convoking wands with minion-related fractured mods.
  • Essence of Torment: Combine this with the jewel Storm Shroud on belts for a chance to achieve elemental immunity through avoiding shock.
  • Essence of Spite/Sorrow: These essences add dexterity or intelligence respectively, which can be used on high level vise belts or rings that cannot have these attributes normally rolled onto them.
  • Fury Forever: Spite and Sorrow's essence sometimes finds place in amulets with a fractured property.
  • Essences of Agony/Confusion: These Essences don't have as much use as the others, they are however welcome to community input for creative uses.
  • Essence of Hatred: Especially good for items with increased reservation of mana. Apply on body armors or helmets with desired fractured mods.
  • Essence of Wrath: It is versatile in terms of its application where it guarantees attack speed on weapons and gloves, movement speed on boots, and cast speed on rings. Look out for gloves with Base Critical Strike Chance to Suppress Spell Damage that's high.
  • Essence of Terror: While not used so often it adds flat fire damage to spells which the best use is still debatable by the community.


Essence Crafting Basics

Before we go into essences and methods let's lay a ground work; essence crafting is using essences on gear to add guaranteed modifiers, this can be used as a base step when crafting your gear to fit ideally in your build otherwise know as Path of Exile Currency customizing equipment


Crafting With Scorn

Deafening Essence of Scorn is one of the most versatile options sought after due to critical strike improvement in it. This can be applied to rings and amulets significantly increasing their chance for dealing critical strikes.

Crafting Example:

  • Ring with fractured accuracy base
  • Item Level: 84+ (For high tier mods)
  • Desired Mods: Global Critical Multiplier; Chaos Resistance


Crafting With Envy

Deafening Essence of Envy is also quite popular because any piece of armor or belt can get elite chaos resistance from it.

Crafting Example:

  • Boots with spell damage suppression base
  • Desired Mods: High Life + Chaos Resistance
  • Strategy: Remove unwanted prefixes to craft additional desirable mods like movement speed.


Crafting With Misery

The Deafening Essence of Misery also increases cast speed on weapons thereby being an excellent choice for casters.

Crafting Example:

  • Profane Wand with fractured spell damage base
  • Strategy: Aim for additional caster-friendly mods like increased spell damage or flat elemental damage to spells.


Crafting With Dread

The Deafening Essence of Dread is the one most people opt for in making high-armor belts.

Crafting Example:

  • Any belt as a base
  • Desired Mods: Life + Resistances + Increased Elemental Damage with Attacks
  • Strategy: Keep rolling until you get a combination of life and resistances. Then consider exalted slamming or crafting more mods using currency orbs.


Crafting with Corrupted Essences

Insanity, Horror, Delirium, and Hysteria are examples of corrupted essences that can yield amazing results but also come with very high stakes. Use them wisely by applying them on good bases.

  • Insanity – Ideal for gloves as it gives massive attack and cast speed bonuses,
  • Horror – Best used on helmets to provide a massive boost to elemental damage for socketed gems.
  • Delirium - Rings benefit from this essence's huge DOOM multiplier provided.
  • Hysteria – Adds physical damage as extra fire damage on rings – perfect for physical damage builds.


Best Practices For Corrupted Essence Crafting

  1. Choose Your Base Wisely: Invest in high-quality bases with the right item level and influence.
  2. Understand the Risks: Corrupted essences are expensive. Be prepared not to achieve what you wanted in the process of corrupting items with any special property or modifier attached to them upon corruption completion .
  3. Know Your Build: Make items that emphasize your build's strengths and ameliorate its weaknesses.


Crafting Tips and Tricks

  • Always begin with a quality base item. Higher the level of the item and more suitable fractured modifiers makes it better.
  • Use Catalysts to amplify the quality and efficacy of your Essences.
  • Roll over low-tier outcomes. If you can go for top tiers, why settle for mere modifiers?
  • Master-craft blockable mods before using Exalted Orbs or comparable crafting methods
  • Observe market movements. Some Essences may be in demand depending on popular builds or league mechanics.


Proffit from Crafting

Crafting with Essences is not only about buffing your gear but also a way to earn some currency. You can make items which sell for far more than what they cost you to make just by carefully choosing bases and rolling high demand mods.



Essence Crafting is a versatile and potent method for creating top-tier gear in Path of Exile. Whether you're crafting for personal use or aiming to turn a tidy profit, understanding the nuances of each essence and applying strategic crafting methods will set you on the path to success.


After mastering essences such as; Scorn, Envy, Misery, Dread, Insanity, Horror Delirium and Hysteria through practice, your crafted items will match the best loot drops in game. Always craft wisely while keeping an eye on market trends that are always changing so as to get maximum value out of your essence.

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