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Vaal Orb

Vaal Orb

Buy PoE Vaal Orb - Unleash Unpredictable Power

  • Necropolis SC
  • 5 ~ 30 Mins
  • 800
  • 1600
  • 2400
  • 3200
  • 4000
  • 4800

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4.7 / 5
4.7 out of 5 (from 171 Customers ratings)

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5 ★
Votes(133) / 77.8%
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23 May
5 / 5

POE just got better with LOLTANK's Vaal Orb service. Hilarious!

19 May
5 / 5

I can't believe the value I got for this POE Vaal Orb. It's made gaming more enjoyable, and I'm thrilled with the purchase.

12 May
5 / 5

Path of Exile Vaal Orb service by LOLTANK is flawless.

27 Apr
5 / 5

Fast and reliable service on LOLTANK. Very satisfied.

26 Apr
5 / 5

Excellent, went above and beyond.

21 Mar
5 / 5

I couldn't be happier with my Path of Exile Vaal Orb purchase from LOLTANK. It's a game-changer, and the quality is unmatched. I highly recommend it to anyone in need of this product.

Vaal Orb Description

In Path of Exile (PoE), the Vaal Orb is like gambling. It's a currency item used for corrupting items, leading to unpredictable and potentially powerful outcomes.

High-Risk, High-Reward: The Vaal Orb has a chance to completely change an item but also may result in less desirable effects.


How do Vaal Orb Works in Path of Exile?

  • Unpredictable Effects: After using the Vaal Orb, the item may become corrupted rare items, acquire some certain mods or do nothing at all.
  • Permanent Changes: When corrupted, an item cannot be modified any further by most currency items.
  • Corrupted Gems: Greater levelled skill gems can be vaal equivalents even if they are leveled/quality increased as well.


How to use Vaal Orbs wisely in Path of Exile?

  • On Items: This could either give it more sockets or some special mod or make it rare / unique type.
  • On Gems: For one thing this helps in leveling up gem levels and upgrading quality while on the other hand turning such gems into their vaal versions respectively. 
  • On Maps: If there are any available; these provide special mods that can drastically alter your map's difficulty and rewards in general.
  • Crafting: It can be used in a bid to try out high-level equipment or gambles.
  • Risk Consideration: Just remember not all outcomes are good ones.


How to get Vaal Orb in Path of Exile?

  • Monster Drops: These orbs drop from slain monsters throughout Wraeclast.
  • Chests and Containers: These orbs drop from chests and containers.
  • Trading: In addition to most PoE items, it can also be obtained through trading with other players.


Vaal Orb Crafting Recipes

  • The Catalyst: Gather 3 of these cards in order to get a Vaal Orb.
  • The Inventor: Acquire 10 Vaal Orbs from this set of 6 cards. 
  • Emperor's Luck: This is a 5-card set that has some chance of rewarding Vaal Orbs randomly.
  • The Void: It can possibly yield Vaal Orbs among other things when one transmutes any random divination card set maybe consisting of just that. 


Vaal Orb Using Recipes

For instance, if certain jewels like PoE Powerlessness IconPowerlessness, PoE Chill of Corruption IconChill of Corruption or PoE To Dust IconTo Dust need new properties or more powers, they may be changed into corrupted ones by use of Vaal Orbs. Commonly one such jewel plus a single Vaal Orb will do.


Tips and Tricks for Vaal Orbing

  • Vaal for Profit: Look for items where specific corruptions add significant value. Uniques are prime candidates.
  • Quality and Links: Boost quality and link items before Vaaling for added value.
  • Choose Wisely: Avoid Vaaling irreplaceable rares; stick to uniques or items you can afford to lose.


Vaal Orb has been designed for those who enjoy living on the edge. Such elements as these makes the game unpredictable as it provides options for obtaining power through corruption. Nothing beats coming across one life-changing corruption or simply feeling lucky; this is where the Vaal Orb comes in handy. Do not forget about how changeable power is!

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