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PoE 3.23 Quick Currency for New Players: Alva's Missions and Selling Temples

Hey fellow Exiles, welcome to the quick currency guide tailored for new players in PoE 3.23. If you've been wondering how to accumulate currency while leveling your new character, then you have landed in the right guide. Today, We will go through an efficient but simple way: Run Alva's Missions and Sell Temples.


PoE 3.23 Quick Currency for New Players: Alva


Strategy Overview

  • We shall build a strategy around Alva's Missions, targeting to make and sell Temples and focusing on Locus of Corruption room, which is most rewarding.
  • Alva's Missions are there with you but you didn't know about it. It is high time that we utilize them for experience gain and earning money especially with a fresh or weak character.
  • Three notable Atlas nodes are essential: Artifact of The Vow, Contested Development, and Resource Reallocation; all these increase your incursion count as well as fasten Temple room upgrades.


Execution and Common Pitfalls

  • Jump into the mission but beware of common mistakes like forgetting to click on Alva first before starting the map it will be a simple mistake that will cost a lot of time for you.
  • Concentrate on upgrading significant rooms in your Temples; principally the Corruption Chamber, Gem Cutter's Workshop and its connected rooms that can level up adjacent rooms.


Map-Running Breakdown

  • Map 1: Focus on important Temple rooms despite few hitches at first. For instance, if the desired Corruption Chamber does not appear, upgrading other valuable rooms like Gem Cutter's Workshop still makes sense in terms of profits.
  • Map 2: There may be technical problems stay cool-headed and troubleshoot. Remember that we are upgrading some key rooms. Rooms such as map room may contain more maps which increase their value for each run.
  • Map 3: Finish strong with a linear map layout. Link rooms together in order to increase your Temple's worth at a higher level. Even if you don't win every time, each temple offers something.


Results & Final Thoughts

  • Make an evaluation of what you have earned after all the runs. It's possible to boost your currency account by selling Temples with key rooms such as Locus of Corruption. Not all rooms are bad for business; even the least desirable ones can be turned into money makers, meaning no Temple run is ever wasted.
  • This approach works well for those who just started playing Path of Exile or leveling new characters. It is easy going and can be done on white maps without any mods.
  • Should you come across a stack of Alva's Missions, this strategy will make them a steady income stream. For the best run, ensure that your Atlas is properly set up so you may optimize your chances of getting Alva's Missions and upgrading your Temple rooms efficiently.



The above content provides a viable way for new players to earn path of exile currency without needing high-end builds or extensive game knowledge. You can turn a mere pile of missions into a mountain of currency just by tactically using Alva's Missions and focusing on specific Temple Rooms. So load up, exiles and may your shrines offer profitable booty! If you found this guide helpful, leave a like and consider subscribing for more insightful content.

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