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How to Farm Beasts, Essence and Delirium Make Currency in PoE 3.23?

Have you had it with Wildwoods, disappointed by weak Magic Find characters, or fed up after spending hours making preparation for a single map run? If yes, then we have a perfect strategy for you. This guide is all about farming Frog Beasts, Essences and Delirium orbs to maximize your profit in PoE 3.23.



How to Farm Beasts, Essence and Delirium Make Currency in PoE 3.23?


Strategy Introduction

  • What Draws Attention: By using sextant to duplicate, The Frog Beast worth 40 Divines each can be duplicated for a total of 16 Divines per encounter.
  • How Much Money do You Need to Put In?: Invest approximately ten divines and get back as much as one hundred sixty divines in only four hours thirty minutes.


Advantages of the Strategy

  • Refreshingly Easy Setup: One Scarab and one sextant are all that is needed.
  • Focus on Liquid Currency: Don't loot; take beasts and essences straight to TFT.
  • Bypassing Wildwoods: A different way forward ignoring the usual grind of the Affliction League.
  • Exceptional Profits: For this strategy does not only bring ordinary profits but also offers substantial returns.


PoE 3.23 Beasts Essence Farming Pros and Cons


Disadvantages to Consider

  • TFT Dependency: Bulk sale of essences will require TFT.
  • Running Two Maps: Unlike the traditional strategies where only one map is concentrated upon, here two maps must be played thus spoiling the main map forever.


Simplified Setup

  • Scarab and Sextant: Use a Gilded Bestiary Scarab for extra Red Beast spawns and a sextant for duplicating beasts.
  • Choice of Map: Alternate Strand maps with Fields maps for restocking purposes due to their straightforward layouts.


Profit Distribution

Most of them include finding specific beasts, particularly frogs which will account for a large part of your earnings. Essences bring in the next biggest paycheck followed by delirium orbs and other loot.

Profit Distribution


Atlas Strategy

When preparing your tree of Atlas, concentrate on those areas that increase the chances of encountering rare beasts and essences. Also, block out different mechanics to highly raise the chances of meeting essences in your maps. Moreover, go for Delirium nodes to gain maximum rewards.


Key Tips

  • Speed is Key: Boost your movement speed for more efficient runs. Adjust your character's gear and skills to prioritize movement speed over other stats.
  • Efficient Mapping: Run through maps focusing on Beast and Essence encounters. Save time by not looting where it is not necessary.


Test Run Results

  • Sample Size: 130 maps where a starting investment was 10.3 Divines
  • Time Spent: Approximately four hours thirty minutes.
  • Profit: A stunning 35 Divines per hour even after allowing for luck potential with Frog Beast encounters.



The Beast Essence Delirium Currency Farming Strategy offers a refreshing and profitable alternative to traditional farming methods in Path of Exile. By focusing on specific beasts, essences, and delirium orbs, players can capitalize on the current market demand and earn significant returns at that time. With the right setup and execution, this strategy has the potential to yield impressive profits for dedicated players.

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