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Poe 3.23 Best Blade Vortex Bow: How to Crafting?

Welcome you to our guide on mastering high level crafting in Path of Exile 3.23. This guide focuses on the intricate process of creating "Pain Bane", which is a legendary Synthesized Thicket Bow from choosing the right base item to manipulating implicit and explicit modifiers; offering insights and strategies for veteran players looking forward to expanding their crafting prowess to the edge.


Poe 3.23 Best Blade Vortex Bow: How to Crafting?


The Adventure Begins

  • Starting Point: Bought a three-implicit synthesized Thicket Bow for 160 divines. Great deal? Absolutely!
  • Why Thicket Bow?: Lower attribute requirements, perfect for Blade Vortex characters. Only 179 Dexterity needed – easy with a little boost from gear like Head Hunter and Mageblood.


The Art of Crafting Implicits

  • Trade Tools: Bright Harbingers for rerolling implicits, and Cic Chimal to create item imprints (consider them as your crafting saving graces).
  • The Procedure: Imprint your item with a Vivid Vulture, roll on it using some of the sweetest implicits you can ever think of, and then pray hard to the RNG gods. Our aim was to have a "Global Critical Strike Multiplier" or "Spell Double Damage".


Rolling the Dice

  • It Costs a Bomb: Any one of these rolls will make you part with around six divine.
  • Stroke of Good Luck: Finally after many trials and errors with divine orbs, We achieved T1 Global Critical Strike Multiplier.


The Real Challenge Begins

  • Tempering Orbs: These dudes are rare and expensive but they are needed to put the "Can have one additional crafted modifier" enchantment.
  • The Tedious Task: It took 700-800 orbs before we could win. Not for the faint-hearted!


Crafting the Explicit Modifiers

  • Essence Rolling: Start with Wo Essences for that so nice spell damage.
  • Annulling the Unwanted: Crafted "Cannot roll Caster modifiers" to preserve our valuable spell damage then annul out all others.
  • Exalting the Right Mods: It would be better if we choose "+1 to Socketed Gems" instead of "+1 Level of Socketed Gems" with "Cannot roll Attack modifiers".


The Ashling Step

  • A Game of Chance: Create "Prefixes cannot be changed" unveil "Critical Strike Multiplier while a rare or unique is nearby", then cross fingers.
  • Blocking Unwanted Mods: PE PP can help block off most common unwanted mods thus increasing chances.


The Final Touches

  • Divining for Perfection: Set your mod's values at their maximum possible range.
  • Crafting the Final Mods: We already have "+1 crafted modifier" enchantment so adding "Chance to deal double damage" and "+2 to Support Gems".


And so it is – the epic story of our crafting a "Pain Bane" synthesized Thicket Bow. More than 150 copies of these now exist in the game – a testament to the ability of persistence and thoughtfulness in crafting. It was an arduous journey that necessitated patience, strategic thinking, and some luck. 

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