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PoE Currency Guide: Fastest Ways to Earn Divines and Chaos Orbs

In Path of Exile, accumulating currency is crucial to progress and acquire valuable items. In this guide, we will explore the top five fastest methods We use to earn Poe currency in the game. Please note that these strategies are based on my personal opinions and experiences and may not guarantee instant riches. This guide aims to provide detailed insights into farming methods that can help you jumpstart your currency accumulation. Crafting is not covered in this article to ensure a comprehensive focus on alternative strategies.



PoE Currency Guide: Fastest Ways to Earn Divines and Chaos Orbs


Essence Farming

Essences are a valuable source of currency when used strategically. To maximize their potential, you will need to invest in remnants of corruption, which are currently priced at around one Chaos Orb each. By corrupting frozen Essence monsters with these remnants, you can upgrade the Essence tier, gain additional Essence types, or even encounter special essences. Combining the purchase of remnants of corruption with the Essence modifier in the map device (costing three Chaos Orbs per map) will further enhance your currency gains. By consistently running maps and triggering Essence encounters, you can generate a net profit of over 12 Chaos Orbs per map.


Expedition Haggling with Tujen

Expedition is a desirable content type, and Tujen's expedition mechanic known as haggling can be highly lucrative. Tujen offers various currency types, essences, gems, stack decks, and more. By accumulating Tujen's unique inventory refresher called exotic coinage through short expeditions or logbooks, you can perform mass rolls of his inventory. This allows you to target specific currency types or items for a chance at valuable drops. Continuously engaging in expeditions and logbooks will replenish your supply of exotic coinage and ensure a consistent flow of profits.


Stack Decks and Divination Cards

Stacked decks, when sold, can provide a quick influx of currency, especially if you're short on Chaos Orbs or Divine Orbs. By posting in the trade chat, specifying the number of stacked decks and your desired price, you can attract potential buyers. The current rate for stacked decks is around 2.5 Chaos Orbs per deck. Additionally, divination cards can be traded with vendors or other players for currency. Certain cards, such as Brother's Gift (exchanged for five Divine Orbs) or Chaotic Disposition (exchanged for five Chaos Orbs), can yield significant profits. Always keep an eye out for valuable divination cards that you can sell for a good price.


Efficient Map Running

Running maps is a straightforward but effective method of accumulating currency. By consistently clearing maps and looting the valuable items dropped, you can generate profits. Make sure to choose the right map modifiers in the map device to enhance your chances of getting more currency and divination cards. Pay attention to the Atlas skill tree, as it plays a crucial role in optimizing your map drops and rewards. Additionally, consider selling unused maps in bulk to other players, as this can yield a significant return on your investment.


Leveling Gems and Utilizing Scarabs, Incubators, and Fragments

While mapping, remember to actively level your gems to maximize their potential. By utilizing the extra gem slots available in offhand weapons, shields, and the Mechanism Ornate Quiver, you can level up to nine gems simultaneously. This allows you to sell high-level gems for profits. Furthermore, scarabs, incubators, and fragments can be used to enhance your map runs and increase your chances of obtaining valuable drops. Unused scarabs and fragments can be sold for additional currency, providing a consistent income stream.



With these top five methods, you'll be on your way to accumulating wealth in Path of Exile. Remember to experiment with different strategies, adapt to the evolving market, and always stay informed about valuable items and their prices. By combining these approaches and being proactive in trading, you can line your pockets with plenty of currency and achieve your financial goals in the game.

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