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PoE 3.23 Currency Making Strategies: How To Easily Get 100+ Divines In 200 Maps?

Low investment, high returns – that's the Affliction League promise. Wondering how we made over 100 divines under 200 maps? Strap in if your build can handle the occasional difficulty spike from the wisps. They can make a white mob tanker than the map boss! If your DPS isn't up to snuff, hold off on the Affliction mechanic until you're beefier. So grab your loot filter and let's get that divine party started! 



PoE 3.23 Currency Making Strategies: How To Easily Get 100+ Divines In 200 Maps?


The Strat

  • League Mechanic Dive: Dive into the new league mechanic at the map's start. Gather wisps like they're divine orbs on sale.
  • Legion Encounter Magic: Encounter a legion? Click and complete. While at it, snag Eater of Worlds altars for extra quantity or divine altars – you know, divine orbs. Pro tip: Choose quantity, but if you fancy more, Searing Exarch altars are there for the taking.
  • Atlas Tree Flexibility: Your atlas tree, your rules. Tailor it to your preference. Expedition nodes, except for the big one (scarabs!), are your best pals. Take small nodes too – more artifacts, more joy.


Map Choice

  • Jungle Valley and Mesa: Personal favorites for sustainability and great divination cards. These maps have it all – sustain, cards, and a dash of extra currency.
  • Cemetery and Tropical Island: Mix it up if you're bored. Cemetery flaunts Brother's Gift divination cards, while Tropical Island brings in the sunlight with Fortunate cards.
  • Remember, Fun is Key: Stick to maps you enjoy. No need to force yourself into ones you dislike. 


Atlas Tree Setup

  • Points Distribution: Almost maxed out the atlas tree, just a few invitations shy. Expedition nodes are a must. Scarabs for encounters, small nodes for more artifacts, and Extreme Archaeology for expedition speed. Pro tip: Pick up the nodes for increased Tujen and Danning appearances – valuable for currency.
  • Legion Nodes: Don't skip the good legion nodes – we want those juicy legions! Skip generals – they're tanky time-wasters.
  • League Mechanic Choice: Affliction Eater of Worlds for divine altars and quantity. Searing Exarch is an option too, especially if you want the left side of the tree.
  • Gateway Keystone: Utilize Seventh Gate for full league content access via the map device. It's worth the 6 chaos cost per map for the three legion encounters.
  • Map Sustain: Shaping the Mountains and Shaping the Worlds for map sustainability. Singular Focus converts unwanted maps into currency.



  • Favorite Maps: Choose two favorite maps. Quality them, alch them, toss in 10 Rusted Legions, and an Expedition scarab. Sacrifice fragments for an extra sprinkle of quantity.
  • Breaks are Crucial: Before you start, make sure to take breaks. A few extra divines aren't worth a headache or back pain.



  • Bulk Selling: Sell almost anything you find in bulk – fusings, gemcutters, sextants, and other smaller currencies.
  • Pricing Your Items: Spend a quick 20 minutes pricing your items. Check the current ratios and avoid getting too greedy. Quick sells are better than delayed profits.
  • Listing on Trade Site: Make your currency tab public, right-click items, type "1" slash and the quantity, choose the asking currency, and you're listed. Easy as pie.


Net Worth

  • Divine Count: Three tabs are sitting at 179 divines according to PoE Stack. Maybe we undersold it at the start, but hey, underpromise and overdeliver, right?
  • Stacked Deck Jackpot: Found a bunch of stacked decks – not selling those, they're for the sheer joy of opening.
  • Incubators Galore: More incubators than you can shake a stick at. Use or sell, your call.


And there you have it, a casual stroll through the strategy that helped you farm over 100 divines in under 200 maps. If you have questions, drop them in the comments. 

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