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Path of Exile 3.23: What's New in Affliction Expansion?

Hey there, Exiles! The gaming community is abuzz with the latest news - Path of Exile 3.23 has been announced, and it's dubbed AFFLICTION. Let's deep dive into what this means for you, the players, as we explore the fresh terrain and intriguing mechanics this expansion has to offer.



Path of Exile 3.23: What


The attention to detail in the trailer is bone-chilling - from the eerie music to the logo adorned with what seems like teeth and crawling insects. This aesthetic might just send shivers down the spines of many Path of Exile players, adding a layer of horror to the game's already dark theme.


Ritual League Reimagined

At first glance, the teaser trailer hints at a Ritual League 2.0, stirring memories of familiar terrains and mechanics. But hold on to your helms, because there's more than meets the eye. With its unique aesthetic, Path of Exile 3.23 seems to weave elements of past leagues into a brand new tapestry of gameplay.


Insect Invasion

The most striking feature in the trailer is the monstrous creature morphing into a horde of insects - a visual we've never encountered in Path of Exile before. This new adversary could hint at an Asiran-themed league, following the footsteps of the Ancestor League's Karui aesthetic. The possibilities are endless, and the anticipation is real!

Poe 3.23 Insects


Beyond the Surface

Diving deeper, Path of Exile 3.23 might just revolutionize item crafting and map mechanics. Imagine an Affliction mechanic where your power comes at a cost, slowly wearing down your gear. Or perhaps, entire maps being consumed by this affliction, similar to the Scourge and Synthesis leagues. The expansion promises to be ambitious, and we're all here for it!


Release & Reveal Dates

The release date is set for December 8th, and the big reveal is scheduled for November 30th at 12:30 p.m. Pacific Time. This gives you just enough time to clear your schedule and prepare for what promises to be an epic addition to the Path of Exile universe.

PoE 3.23 Reveal and Play Free Dates


Grinding Gear Games has a master plan - they want Path of Exile to dominate Twitch during the announcement period. They're gunning for the top spot to drum up hype among PoE veterans and newbies alike.


Final Thoughts

Path of Exile 3.23, with its intriguing blend of familiar and new, is shaping up to be a league that will keep players on their toes. Whether it's battling insect hordes, experimenting with risky item enhancements, or navigating afflicted maps, one thing is for sure – this expansion is not to be missed.


Stay tuned, because Grinding Gear usually starts teasing us with tidbits about 20 days before an expansion drops. So, we could be seeing some teasers as early as Monday. Keep your eyes peeled!

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